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Home decor trends that are in right now, including furniture. Very brief nswers to questions like, what color, what type of sofa are trending? Since 2020 has been cancelled, its safe to say that its the trend list of 2021.
BY S.Ag on April 25, 2020

Home decor trends that are in right now, including furniture. Very brief answers to questions like, what color in in? What type of sofa are trending? Plan your purchase after lockdown according to the trend. Since 2020 has been cancelled, it is safe to say that it's the trend list of 2021.

Classic Blue Color

pantone color of the year 2020 classic blue banner mobilePantone color of 2020, This color will particularly suit the fabric and with satin finish in my opinion. However personally I tend to avoid using color of the year, coz the world literally fills with the color for an year or so. I prefer neutrals. But it's not about me… it's about the trend. Also, I believe that this color looks very royal.

Blue Side Board - Kernig krafts bespoke furniture - bespoke furniture\


Sustainable Material

I believe Plastic will be out, and it should be. Using more sustainable resource will save our planet. Kernig Krafts gets all its wood from farmed wood and not green forrest. Metal and wood will be preferred over leather or plastic.


Live Edge

live edge - kernig krafts - bepoke furniture - jodhpur furniture

Live edge will still continue to be in trend and the usage will become even more common. To buy live edge click here




Vintage furniture - Vintage decor - kernig krafts - bespoke furniture - replica furnitur

Vintage in accents and as decor items. Where antique style paintings, old advertisement prints to be used as decor; with usage of antiques or vintage props. Vintage furniture is also 


Curved Sofa

curved sofa - upholestry - kernig krafts

Enough of straight sofa tat kill conversation with those who sit adjacent to you. Forget your twitter or instagram and indulge in talk for a moment.


Deviation from white, in kitchens

Are we not already fed up with all white kitchens? Natural wood color is in, steam beech wood will be my first preference, acacia wood will follow.


Decorating the Kitchen

Indian household has boring kitchen layout and styling. Decorating he kitchen, where a very long part of your life is spent is a great idea.


Four Poster Bed

bed - wooden bed - four poster bed - upholestered bed - kernig krafts

Only for big spaces, drapes may or may not be used, but four-poster beds are back. Beds with tufted headboards to nettles and chill.


Wallpaper on ceiling

Wallpaper on ceiling is becoming a trend fast. Read our article on this - Wallpaper on ceiling? Is it the new trend?


Rattan and Wicker

Rattan Furniture - Cane Furniture - Wooden Furniture - Chair - Upholestry

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I personally love wicker, it looks so natural and earthen. Also, its sustainable and doest harm mother earth, wicker kernig krafts uses comes from bamboo grass, that is most sustainable plant on earth, also its bio degradable.


Free standing bath tubs

trends - kernig krafts - bespoke furniture

Instead of having it fixed in the bathroom, the latest trend is to get a stand alone bath tub, like in older times.

Bespoke Furniture

The trend of buying furniture from stores is now changing and people are opting for customised furniture. As beside an item of usage, furniture is status symbol. Getting one made as per your choice is definitely a feather in your cap.

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