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Restro Bistro - The Fine Multi Cuisine Cafe and Bake's

Kernig Krafts, based in the culturally rich city of Jodhpur, excels in bespoke furniture tailored to meet individual needs. With a proficient in-house design and 3D team, we craft unique pieces with utmost precision. Our services extend beyond furniture as our interior design team provides insightful consulting. Emphasizing quality, our in-house facilities encompass automated woodworking and iron manufacturing units. Specializing in cafe, restaurant, and hotel furniture, we take pride in creating exceptional pieces. Not confined to borders, we proudly ship our creations worldwide, ensuring our clients' satisfaction knows no bounds.

Image of a stylish chair: "Restro Bistro Chair: Sleek, comfortable, and sophisticated, this chair from Kernig Krafts adds a touch of elegance to any dining space.
Image of a sleek table: "Restro Bistro Table: Crafted with premium materials, this sleek table by Kernig Krafts is the perfect centerpiece for an unforgettable dining experience
Ambassador sofa made by kernig krafts for Restro Bistro restaurant in Vadodara - shishir agrawal, partner kernig krafts