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Global Local

"Explore design excellence at Kernig Krafts, now gracing Global Local in Surat. Immerse yourself in the fusion of innovation and opulent furniture, redefining style and comfort. Witness meticulous attention to detail, a testament to Kernig Krafts' unwavering commitment to exceptional design.

Every manufacturing and finishing step is a testament to our dedication to quality, executed in-house. Our cutting-edge automated woodworking and iron manufacturing units ensure unparalleled precision and efficiency.

From sofas and chairs to outdoor seating, dining tables, cafe chairs, and loungers, our extensive selection caters to all your needs. Crafting for cafes, restaurants, and hotels is where Kernig Krafts excels, with our exceptional creations proudly making their mark worldwide."

Global Local, Vesu, Surat
Global Local, Vesu, Surat