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Coco Mansion

"Uncover design perfection at Kernig Krafts in the desert haven of Jodhpur, Rajasthan. Experience the fusion of innovation with luxurious furniture that redefines style and comfort. Meticulous attention to detail showcases Kernig Krafts' commitment to exceptional design.

Demonstrating our dedication to quality, every manufacturing and finishing step happens in-house. Our cutting-edge automated woodworking and iron manufacturing units guarantee precision and efficiency at its finest.

Our wide selection encompasses sofas, chairs, outdoor seating, L-shaped sofas, dining tables, cafe chairs, restaurant tables, loungers, and more.

Crafting for cafes, restaurants, and hotels is our expertise at Kernig Krafts. Proudly exporting our exceptional creations worldwide."

Coco Mansion, Thane West, Mumbai
Coco Mansion, Thane West, Mumbai
Coco Mansion, Thane West, Mumbai