Strong. Sturdy. Furniture.


Kernig Krafts, located in the vibrant city of Jodhpur, is a premier furniture customization company that crafts exquisite pieces using a variety of materials such as wood, iron, marble, and upholstery. Our diverse product range includes sofas, chairs, outdoor furniture, L-shaped sofas, dining tables, cafe chairs, restaurant tables, and loungers, among others.

At Kernig Krafts, we take pride in our in-house design team and cutting-edge 3D team, ensuring innovative and bespoke creations. Additionally, our expertise extends to interior design, offering valuable consulting services to our esteemed clients.

With all manufacturing and finishing processes conducted in-house, we boast an automated woodworking unit and a state-of-the-art iron manufacturing facility. Our specialization lies in creating furniture that complements the ambiance of cafes, restaurants, and hotels. Embracing a global outlook, we cater to clients worldwide, delivering our exceptional pieces to their doorsteps.

Chaska, Dombivali East, Mumbai
Chaska, Dombivali East, Mumbai