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Reduction In Wastage

The best way to reduce your carbon footprint is to reduce wastage. In wood working, you have no choice at times, wastage is a part of production. Everyday, we strive to find creative ways to recycle our wood waste. One way that we use to reduce wastage at primary level itself is by carefully selecting wood length for our furniture.

We never waste wood or metal, each part of wood is used to serve some or the other purpose. The by-product (wood) from shaper and gauge machines is sent for making MDF. Toys and toothpicks are made out of wooden and metal scrap. Wood scraps are also used to make amazing wall art!

Tree Plantation

Our company grows 5 trees per container. As a part of our green initiative we are committed to giving more than we take, for this we plant saplings in rural areas of Jodhpur. We have come up with an interesting way to spread awareness about Kernig Krafts Cares; our company plants seedlings in villages of our employees.

Reduction In Power Usage

We are committed to minimising wastage. Our manufacturing facility is made in such a way that it allows sunlight to enter the premises, thereby reducing our power requirement to the minimum. Studies performed by Loyola University deduced that people who work in sunlight have better short-term cognitive powers than those who work in dark spaces. Other studies have shown that workers in sunlit areas are more productive than workers without exposure to natural light. Workers with exposure to sun are on leave for fewer days as compared to workers who don’t, hence increasing efficiency.

Solar Power

We are going to implement solar power usage soon at our facility to reduce dependency on fossil fuels. At Kernig Krafts, we understand that the main reason of carbon emission is high dependency on fossil fuels. Solar power is the best way to utilise sun’s energy in an effective manner and it works in both ways; generates electricity and keeps the factory cool as the panels work as insulators.

Lead Free Paint

We use lead free paint because we know the effects of Lead on the human body; anaemia, weakness, kidney and brain damage.

One of the most hazardous effects of Lead is that it can damage a developing baby's nervous system. Even low-level lead exposure in developing babies have been found to affect their behaviour and intelligence.

Lead released into the environment makes its way into the air, soil and water. Also, Lead can remain in the environment as dust indefinitely, posing a danger to human beings.

Toothpick Making

Even the smallest part of wood can be used to make a tooth pick, a toothpick unlike straw is bio-degradable and the best way to use waste wood. Plastic straws are a hazard to our environment, the huge quantities in which they are used is even more alarming.

Kernig Krafts Cares has a goal of making bamboo straws in a cost effective way. We aim at making our facility a zero wastage factory.

Keeping in mind the philosophy of right furniture for all, where we make furniture for you, according to your needs and not push our designs to you.

Rainwater Harvesting

A very neglected part of conservation is rain water harvesting, if we all proactively conserve rain water at out homes and offices, there is a lot of water that won’t go unnoticed. All big cities are right now facing water crisis. We at Kernig Krafts pledge to not use rain showers or any kind of shower at all, we say no to bath tubs and use buckets to take baths, saving 120 litres, each day per person. Any effort even small is a big step when it becomes a collective effort.

Promotion of Reclaimed Wood

We promote sale of reclaimed wood timber, as no fresh trees are chopped down for making a reclaimed wood piece. However, all the wood we use is legal green wood, they come from wood farms. The wood is a cash crop and no jungles are destroyed in making the furniture. Still, we prefer using reclaimed wood, as it reduces our carbon footprint.

Air-Pollution Free

Fumes of lacquer and sealer are not left in the air, our state of the art paint chambers absorb chemicals from the air and diminish their effects. There is no chimney at our facility.

Zero Liquid Discharge

We have no effluents discharge, we don't discharge any liquid waste from our factory. All the water that is used at the factory is treated to bring theatre PH level to 8, which is drinkable water, besides the water used in washrooms.

Worker Safety

We provide our worker with industry standard safety equipments. However there are no hazardous material in our facility.