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Theron Dining Table

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Product dimensions (edge to edge): 60" x 30" x 30"


Note: Introducing Kernig Krafts' exquisite dining table, a fusion of metal and wood craftsmanship that defines bespoke furniture elegance. Our customized creations are born from the heart of Jodhpur's rich furniture heritage. The sturdy metal base, treated with precision powder coat finishing, ensures durability while adding a contemporary touch. On top, handcrafted wooden panels reveal the true essence of Jodhpur furniture artistry. Whether you seek a cafe, restaurant, bistro, or bar setting, our versatile dining table is your perfect choice. Elevate your space with Kernig Krafts' fusion of metal and wood, a testament to our commitment to exceptional furniture design and craftsmanship.

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Weight 32.56 kg
Dimensions 60 × 30 × 30 in