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Sharon Bookshelf

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Product dimensions (edge to edge): 30" x 18" x 72"


Note: Kernig Krafts offers exquisite reclaimed wood book rack, expertly crafted in Jodhpur. Our bespoke furniture showcases unmatched quality and customization, ensuring each piece complements your space perfectly. Our book racks feature a range of customized finishes, allowing you to harmonize them with your indoor furniture effortlessly. As masters of Jodhpur furniture, we infuse traditional craftsmanship with contemporary designs. In addition to book racks, Kernig Krafts specializes in creating cafe and bar furniture, promising the same attention to detail and superior quality.

Elevate your interiors with our wood book racks, a testament to our commitment to impeccable craftsmanship and tailored solutions.

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Weight 38.2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 18 × 72 in