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Norma Metal Wood Sideboard

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Product dimensions (edge to edge): 40" x 22" x 38"


Note: Kernig Krafts crafts exquisite sideboard that seamlessly blend metal and wood to elevate your space. Our Jodhpur-based artisans specialize in customized finishes, ensuring your sideboard complements your unique style. As purveyors of bespoke furniture, we take pride in creating indoor furniture that speaks to your vision. Whether you're furnishing a cafe or a bar, our artisanal touch guarantees superior quality. Discover the perfect fusion of aesthetics and functionality with Kernig Krafts, your ultimate destination for handcrafted Jodhpur furniture.

Elevate your space with our artisanal creations, designed to make a statement in any setting.

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Weight 27 kg
Dimensions 40 × 22 × 38 in