Wicker: The New Black

The word “wicker” is thrown around a lot these days. You must have heard it too, from a design enthusiast, from an interior decorator or from a friend who is well acquainted with the latest trends! Let's find out more about it.
BY S.Ag on March 5, 2020

The word “wicker” is thrown around a lot these days. You must have heard it too, from a design enthusiast, from an interior decorator or from a friend who is well acquainted with the latest trends! 

But, the question is…

What is Wicker?

Wicker is actually the process of weaving raw material such as bamboo, rattan, reed, cane etc into a pattern to make furniture items. It is believed that this ancient art form originated in Egypt. A huge trend last year and this year as well, high demand for wicker products has led to the revival of this age-old technique! Now a days synthetic materials such as vinyl and resin are also used to make outdoor products. 

Along with “wicker” you must have heard people say “rattan”. It is easy to get confused between wicker and rattan as these two words are mistakenly used for one another, but they are quite different! Rattan is actually one of the materials that is used to make wicker furniture. Natural Rattan is a tropical climbing palm with thin stems that are tough. These stems are woven together to create rattan material that is used to make furniture items that are all the rage these days! 

What are some Common Wicker Furniture Items?

Rosewood Chair Bamboo Canning wicker kernig krafts
Rosewood Chair With Bamboo Wicker by Kernig Krafts

Wicker chairs are so easy on the eyes, and so chic! So are wicker sideboards. They can update any space effortlessly. Ideal for living rooms and bedrooms, they bring a touch of warmth and specialness to the interiors. Neither too overwhelming nor too loud, these pieces draw your attention in a subtle way. Sofas and benches, buffets, tables, credenzas, stools, side tables, racks, shelves anything can have a touch of this gorgeous, handcrafting technique. 

Bamboo Canning Wooden Bench   wicker kernig krafts
Wooden Bench With Bamboo Wicker and Colorful Cushioned Upholstery by Kernig Krafts

Why is Wicker Becoming so Popular?

  • Longevity and Toughness : Wicker furniture lasts long, you can see your grandparent’s furniture for proof. It is also something that you won’t get bored of! Ever. That’s why people who bought them decades back still have these elegant pieces in their homes. 

  • Beauty with Comfort : It’s not just pretty to look at, wicker furniture offers comfort and ease as well. The best part is that they get even more comfortable with time. Often we get stuck on furniture that is mesmerising without realising that it might be uncomfortable to sit in/on. The advantage with wicker is that it enchants without compromising on your well-being. 

  • Light Weight : Wicker often finds its way into outdoor furniture items such as chairs and tables. Patio furniture needs to be light weight so that you can easily move it. It also needs to be able to survive the sun. You can always go for synthetic wicker but bamboo and rattan are pretty great too! Being natural they have an alluring handmade quality.
STUL59947 Rosewood Cafe Stool With Bamboo Canning
Rosewood Cafe Stool With Bamboo Wicker by Kernig Krafts

  • Variety of design and patterns : It can be woven into a variety of designs and patterns (see the swatches above). Also, if you get it customised you can even choose a pattern! Wicker is easy to work with when creating a theme or look for your interiors, you can combine one or more patterns in the same material or use a single pattern to bring cohesion to the look. 

  • Classic Neutrals : Wicker furniture is usually kept natural. The neutral color is versatile and can be paired with so many other colours! If you want to brighten the look you can use colorful cushions/upholstery. Bold colours such as hot pink, emerald green, mustard yellow and indigo can be used as accent colors to make the space vibrant. If you prefer classic neutrals then you can use different textures to break the monotony. A good idea is to use tones of the same color, for example you can use off white, ecru, white, ivory and beige as a color palette and make the look interesting by adding various textures through cushions, rugs, throws and decor items.

Rosewood Restaurant Cafe Chair  Bamboo wicker kernig krafts
Rosewood Cafe Chair With Bamboo Wicker by Kernig Krafts
  • Versatile : Wicker furniture works with almost all looks! Shabby chic would not exist without these beauties, neither would Colonial themed places. Rustic, Scandinavian, mid-century modern, farmhouse, all these decoration styles often incorporate wicker pieces, which only add to their splendour.
  • Works well both indoors and outdoors : Wicker furniture being light weight, works both outdoors and indoors. Wicker patio furniture can be moved indoors and it would look just as good inside! Most people make the mistake of selecting outdoor furniture that looks great outdoors but would look really awkward if kept inside. Make sure you buy pieces that can be used anywhere, so that when you plan to refurbish your space, you can do so without spending a bomb.

Now that you know how wonderful wicker furniture is you must be wondering if it is easy to maintain or not. Here are some tips to take care of wicker furniture. 

Maintenance and Care

  • You can vacuum the dirt off your wicker furniture items. If the furniture has stains, you can spot clean with a mild soap and water. If the furniture is made of natural wicker then make sure it is completely dry before using it otherwise it can lose its shape.

  • Once in a while you can dust your wicker furniture with a brush to remove dirt. A damp cloth can also be used for this purpose.

  • Though wicker furniture is often kept outdoors, try to rotate the furniture and keep it covered when not in use, it will increase the durability of the products. 

  • In general, keeping any furniture item clean and dry increases the life of furniture and makes sure it lasts decades and decades!

If you want more information about wicker furniture designs and how to style them you can write to me at info@kernigkrafts.com. If you want to update your home or your café/restaurant/bar, and add a warm, whimsical touch then wicker furniture is a must-have!

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