Why Buy Customised Furniture?

Why and when a customised furniture piece should be opted over a ready made one? In this article we will try to guide you the pros and cons of customised furniture, which is also known as bespoke furniture.
BY S.Ag on April 23, 2020
Bespoke Furniture Manufacturing Process at Kernig Krafts

Bespoke Furniture Manufacturing Process at Kernig Krafts


Why and when should you opt for a customised furniture piece over a ready made one? In this article we will guide you through the pros and cons of customised furniture, which is also known as bespoke or made to order furniture.


  1. Choice of design: you can be unlimited in terms of options, retail stores buy from  bulk manufaturers and sell them piece by piece, giving you the illusion of choice, where in reality, your choice is limited to certain catalogues. Customising means, you can get your choice of design.
  2. Choice of wood: you can use any type of wood you want. Mostly the furniture in retail shops is available in Teak wood, which is costlier than most woods; or mixed woods, which is a sure shot way of ruining the finish of the firniture over time. Kernig Krafts offers 15 types of wood options for your furniture.

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  3. Choice of color: Most of the outdoor furniture available is made in M. Steel, retail stores generally have very few color options, they sell primarily black. Customising  metal furniture, also means selecting the powdercoat color or duco paint.

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  4. Custom finish: The finish is one of the most important factors in determing the quality of a furniture piece. The finish can be a stain on wood, protective coating, ornamentation or even fabric. Imagine buying a rosewood chair in dark brown color and an oakwood table in light red color stain; or table in gloss PU coating and Chair in matt lacquer; it's not a good thing, aesthetic wise to have so much variety, these details matter a lot. With bespoke furniture, you can decide the furniture finish and can have that on all your furniture items. 
  5. Custom theme: You are all set on making a colonial themed space, you went to every shop in the market and still couldn't find the chair you saw on Pinterest. Getting custom-made pieces can solve your problem.

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    Bespoke customised furniture by Kernig Krafts. Wooden Furniture, cafe furniture and metal furniture



  6. Affordability: So you think customised furniture is very very costly? I agree it's costlier if you get it made from a retailer, who gives the work to an agent, who gets it made from a factory. Or maybe if you import it, it will be as expensive. Kernig Krafts can help if you want custom made furniture; they will do your home, cafe, hotel, restaurant and bakery. 
  7. Dimensions: You can get it made as per your size requirements. Now that should be point number one, but I kept the obvious one for the last. The furniture in bulk is made for your general and average human being. Some people prefer bigger than usual study tables, whereas, for some people, it doesn't serve any purpose other than being an ornamental corner desk. Giving your own dimensions results in getting the maximum out of your space and is a blessing when it comes to creating furniture for restaurants, bars, cafés and apartments that have limited space. For hotels and resorts, again customization of sizes helps in keeping the space balanced.

For more suggestions regarding customization please write to me at info@kernigkrafts.com. You can also browse the "Bespoke" section on our website for more information.


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