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Guests often come and sit in our living room and they bring with them their energy, which is left behind by them. So the space should be constructed in a way that it effectively eradicates all the negative energy and keeps the positive energy.
BY S.Ag on December 23, 2019

A bedroom is a place where we feel relaxed the moment we enter it. Especially in winters, it seems to me that my bed is inviting me to come and lie down under the blanket! But I know that it is not possible to be in your bed all the time so the next best place to get comfy is your living room. 

Our guests often come and sit in our living room and they bring with them their energy, which could be either positive or negative, and that energy is left behind by them. This makes it extremely important for the space to be constructed and styled in a way that it effectively eradicates all the negative energy. Making a living room according to Vastu Shastra helps in not only bringing positive energy to the room but also in keeping it there. 

We can create a warm, cosy space with beautiful interiors, by using the right colors, materials and furniture, but sometimes, even then we feel that something is missing and we can’t put our finger on it. The positive vibe that we look for can be successfully created with some of our Vastu tips mentioned below. 

vastu shastra kernig krafts living room
The walls should be painted in light colors.
  • The ideal directions for a living room are North, East and North East. The most beneficial direction is North, as it invites good health and prosperity to the house. 
  • If you don’t want your guests to stay for long then the best direction would be North West.
  • For people who love to socialise the best direction is South West, it makes guests feel comfortable and therefore they tend to stay longer. Though this is the ideal place for the master bedroom.
  • For physical wellness, advancement and good luck make sure that your living room’s door opens towards the North or East. 
  • North West is also a good direction for having the entrance door as it helps in betterment of life. 
  • Walls should be painted in light, soothing colours such as white, pale yellow, light green, light blue, it is unadvisable to use dark colors on living room walls. 
  • West or South West direction is ideal for keeping bulky furniture items. 
  • According to Vastu, homes should have rectangular or square furniture instead of round or oval shapes. 
vastu shastra kernig krafts living room
Furniture should be square or rectangular.
  • Mirrors make any space look and feel bigger. If you want to place a mirror in your living room then go for the wall in the North.
  • The South East area should be used for electronic items such as TV as this is the Agni section etc.
  • West or North West is the direction for air conditioner.
  • When it comes to hanging paintings in the living room, Vastu says landscapes and nature depicting art is the best. North east is the preferred direction. Paintings of gods and goddesses can also be hung for positive energy. Don’t hang paintings that have negative emotions like horror, sadness, war etc anywhere in the house. 
vastu shastra kernig krafts living room
Landscapes or paintings depicting nature should be hung.
  • Keep away from artificial flowers! A lot of people make the mistake of keeping them in their living room. Artificial and dried flowers attract negative energy and defeat the purpose of maintaining positive energy in the living room.
  • You can also keep an aquarium in the East, North or North East direction. A fish aquarium becomes a magnet for positive energy if kept in the right direction and can deplete positivity when kept in the wrong direction!

I hope these ideas and tips help you make your living room a better and happier place. For more information you can write to me at

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