Some tricks To Bring Light To Your Room

What is the use of furniture, artefacts, and colourful curtains if there is no proper light to make them pop.
BY S.Ag on July 21, 2019

What is the point of having furniture, artefacts, and colourful curtains in a room, if there is not enough light to make them pop? Indians are usually good at creating air passages in their homes. I remember my dad was always concerned about having air inlets and outlets, and more natural light in our home. But our  generation is more concerned about better looking drapes and furniture. Experts say that light plays a vital role in enhancing the beauty of a room. Here are some tips to do it efficiently:

  1. Planning is the Key: Most lighting plans are made on the site, on the spot and there is  an inherent lack of planning. Architects also go with the flow in this case. Plan everything, where you will sit to read, where you will hang your paintings, where is the tv going to be, as any reflection on the tv will not be good.

  2. Color of your walls: It's very simple, dark colors will give your room a dark appearance. But if you still want to go with dark colors, up your light game a notch.

  3. Mirrors: Use mirrors to increase the flow of light in your room, it will also make your space look bigger. But the placement should be right.

  4. Window Planning: The only way light can come in is via windows and shutters. You can plan to have bigger windows with divisions on them, the upper part can be frosted glass for privacy purpose. You can obviously control the amount of light you want by drawing curtains.

  5. Temperature of light: No, we are not talking about Fahrenheit or Celsius, we are talking about Kelvin. Proper temperature is very important and it all depends on what kind of room we are talking about or the kind of interiors. Offices have 6500 Kelvin, bedrooms always have warmer lights, else falling asleep could be a problem. No, I am not talking about sleeping with the lights on; warmer lights during evening & night will give you a good night’s sleep.

  6. Two Layered Curtains: You can use two different layers of curtains, as with big windows you need privacy. A layer of tissue can be used during day time and other layer of blind curtains can be used to block street light at night.

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