Tips For Hiring An Interior Designer

We have one home to make. It's better to get to know a few things instead of thinking later that it could have been done in a better way.
BY S.Ag on July 22, 2019

We have one home to make. It is always better to understand a few things beforehand, instead of thinking later that we could have done it in a better way. Here are some ideas to help you with building your space the way you want.

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  1. Be clear about the budget: There are endless possibilities in the field of design. We know that creating a budget in the beginning is a difficult task, especially when you lack the expertise to do it. But even if you have a fair idea of how deep your pockets are, you are good to go. 
  2. Have a concept in mind: You should know what you want since most interior designers have a style and they usually stick to it. Instagram and Pinterest are the best places to look for inspiration. 
  3. Check prices, not online: Just for the sake of getting an idea, talk about the pricing of the work done at your friend's place. Discuss materials and the problems they faced while building their house. You will get helpful information and the chats will serve as conversation material when you meet the architect. 
  4. Get referrals: Keep in mind that designing and manufacturing are not easy tasks. While taking referrals you should understand the nature of the person you hire. Some designs look good on paper  but designers know the practical aspects and may ignore your requests. A referral is important, but you should go through the portfolio properly before hiring. 
  5. Be realistic: The previous point where I said that you can get ideas from Pinterest; don't linger over the images you see. There will always be a difference in the skill set of the country you are in, the materials used, the price being paid for the item, photography and durability of that item. Please understand that the artisans can only work as per their skills, hence, you must award work accordingly. It's very important to stick to buying what they have made in the past, or awarding them work, according to what they have done before. 
  6. Be patient: Be very patient while finalizing the designs, listen to your designer, he has experience. You may override his judgment later, but hear him out. 
  7. Be quick with inputs: One thing you should be very clear about is that you have your project; but the designer has a business to run and he must be simultaneously working on multiple projects. Be quick with inputs and don’t take time to reply because when designers work, they work in a set frame of mind, your replies will get proper attention and your suggestions will be considered in a proper manner.

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