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How I did my backyard patio and learned many things out of it. Essentials, must do and what to avoid.
BY S.Ag on November 8, 2019

While construction of my room there was a scope of a backyard patio, and I wanted to take advantage of that small space of 12 feet by 30 feet, roughly 360 Sq. Feet; so I tried making it in as low budget as I can; with getting most out if it. Let me tell you what I did:

I love in Rajasthan which is hot, winters are for 3 months; monsoon is less, but when it pours its heavy rainfall. So I decided to put cover on half part of my patio, that way I can ensure that in evening my furniture is not too hot to sit. Now I made sure that all of my sitting was under the shade only; for that I made a rough sketch to plan out the execution, and that is my basic approch whenever am doing something new.Drawing - Backyard - Patio - Shishir Agrawal - S.Ag - Furntiure - Kernig krafts.jpg

What I’ve thought beside other usual furniture things are:

  1. Theme is important. There are several ways of doing same thing. Ive seen my friend’s place which are created from old unused furniture, some how that works, but not always. Its better if we pre plan what goes where and we stick to a theme. I decided the theme to be of a tropical jungle; since my first trip with my wife was to magical land of Bali, and I wanted to create an escape place of my own like the tropics of Bali. There can be n number of themes, but you should should stick to the theme which suits your style, budget and is doable.                                                                
  2. Buy a fire pit, if there is minimum 2 month of cold; its easy to sit out in cold, and its the enter attraction of the party somehow. I got it made from workshop of Kernig Krafts, below is the pic, I purposely did not paint it in any color to keep it rustic and raw.                                                                                                                                                   
  3. Invest in an BBQ. Buy a good quality BBQ that lasts; there is a secret, all powder coated barbecue sets are single use, the powder coat cannot take heat of the oven and plants goes off. Buy a ceramic coated barbecue set, that will cost more but will last for years. Barbecue are best way to bond with other people, specially those who like cooking, its an stress buster that works magic. The BBQ I have is gifted by Mr. Shikhar one of my first client, who happens to be manufacturer and exporter of high quality BBQ ovens. This has taken four to five parties without a scratch.                                                                                                                                                  
  4. Buy multi use furniture. When your patio is small as your budget, its foolish to invest in specific furniture. For example, my centre table is a chest, in which I can keep all knick knacks. The chair doubles up as a stair case, I found the design somewhere at Pinterest. There is a set of 3 pellet stools, which were lying around from a past project of Mr. Vishal J. From Brown Sugar, Jaipur. That set of 3 is a nesting one, and currently I am using 2 of them as a stand for my pots.                                                                                                                                                  
  5. Plants are a must. If you think you can pull off the patio without plants then you are wrong. I know they require maintenance and daily watering, but they are totally worth it, the time you spend with plants is added back to your life immediately. As I wanted it to be a tropical place, I planted Frangipani, different variety of philodendrons, varieties of bromeliads, different types of ferns, African masks aka alocasia, arrow heads etc etc. I am a plant enthusiast and this became my hobby when I started leaning about plants for back yard. Gardening is another stress buster as you can see result of your sweat and toil in the best way possible; the feeling of elation when they bloom is unparalleled. I’ve made 30 plus trips to the nearby nurseries, so many that now I know more then them about there nurseries.                                                                                                                                                  
  6. Lighting is important. First of all lighting should be subtle, there should be lots of lighting options so as to suit your mood. Also, white light or 65000 kelvin is a big no no. Warm white or incandescent are best, and if you are into rice lights or better known as fairly lights then any color will do. You can see my lights in the photos below.                                                                                                                                                  
  7. Mosquito and bug repellents, the best way to say good bye to mosquito is to plant shrubs that repel mosquitos like - lavender, basil, lemon grass etc. some rainforest plants attract mosquitos like bees will be attracted to floral plants. The best way is to spray neem oil mixed with water on plants. If you dont want to be part of all that, buy a mosquito killing machine, keep it on all night, thats it.                                                                                                                                                  
  8. Furniture. There are lots of options in furniture, the best option is a low sitting. Ive decided my place to be chill and relax mainly barbecue and for hukka. A chest to be used as table was gifted by my dear friend Hiten; I got a day bed, folding chair which turns into stairs, a lamp, and two low height chair siting was made by Kernig Krafts. The rice lights were purchased from local market.

The joy of putting all things together with my own hand is now a story which has to be narrated to every new visitor.

Kernig krafts backyard garden.jpg

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