Why is solid wood furniture expensive?

Whenever you look for furniture online I'm sure you weigh all your options before making your decision. Read this article to find out why solid wood furniture is expensive but great value for money as compared to engineered wood items.
BY S.Ag on August 19, 2020

These times have been tough on everyone. I was talking to a friend the other day and both of us realised how much we miss eating out and shopping. Owing to the circumstances I caved in to online shopping, something I have been avoiding for a long time. But, now things have dramatically changed. I have become an online shopping pro! I have learnt the tricks of the trade my friends, I kid you not. Sleeves rolled up, armed with my list and a cup of coffee, I sit and browse till I get exactly what I want. 

So, when I was looking for a study desk (thank you work from home), I was surprised to find a huge variation in costs of certain products. Soon, I reached the conclusion that solid wood desks were more expensive then plywood ones. I was intrigued. Below, based on my precious research you will find out why solid wood makes for a much better investment than plywood.

  • If you think long term you are getting a pretty good deal. It is well known that solid wood is unquestionably stronger than plywood. Solid wood furniture is basically made from pieces cut from lumber whereas plywood is made by binding layers of wood veneers with adhesive. Since plywood is made of layers of wood it can consist of different types of wood. Though at first it might seem that solid wood furniture is more expensive but if you think about the fact that it will last you for generations, you will conclude that it is better to invest in it. But, what if you get bored of it and want to change the furniture? Keep reading as I will soon answer this question. 
Spruce plywood
Spruce Plywood: the layers are glued together with an adhesive
  • Engineered wood will never look natural. No matter how hard you try you cannot make engineered wood look like solid wood. The beauty of a solid wood table, with its natural patterns and texture is unmatchable. Even when you touch it you can feel the difference. Natural products have an alluring charm to them that cannot be created. 
rosewood natural kernig krafts solid furniture
See how beautiful the natural pattern and color of rosewood looks!
  • Solid wood is chemically treated to be weather proof. All solid wood furniture items such as chairs, shelves, tables, sideboards, beds, book racks, sofas, benches, patio sets even décor objects like planters, platters, clocks, mirror frames etc are chemically treated to make them weather proof. Hence, they are a great choice for humid weather, dry weather or any weather for that matter. Did you know that humidity can cause the layers of plywood to separate! Also, plywood shelves are more likely to sag and dent as compared to solid wood ones.
  • You can get any design and color.  A stunning live edge table, an intricately carved sideboard, a distress finish chair; all these beauties can only be made in solid wood. Not only this, wood can be stained to the color of your liking. Plywood cannot be stained whereas solid wood can be painted or finished in any way that you want. The possibilities and options are endless. Resin tables with live edges are so hot right now. Resin and solid wood wood are used to create these one of a kind masterpieces that are so versatile and gorgeous to look at. They can be effortlessly used to adorn apartments, offices, cafés, hotels, bars and restaurants. 
Carved Mango wood sideboard Kernig Krafts
Hand Carved Mango wood sideboard by Kernig Krafts
hand carved sheesham ottoman rosewood foot rest
Hand carved sheesham wood foot rest by Kernig Krafts
  • Solid wood is sustainable. The binders used for making engineered wood may contain formaldehyde which is a carcinogen thereby making it a health and environment hazard. Lumber that is sourced from plantations is ethical wood and woods like acacia and mango are sustainable woods. Furniture manufacturers like Kernig Krafts use only ethically sourced wood and create trendy designs with sustainable woods that causes no harm to mother nature. This is another crucial reason why you should opt for solid wood furniture and refrain from buying engineered wood.
mango wood sustainable furniture kernig krafts
Mango wood is sustainable and extensively available in India
  • Repair anytime anywhere.  It is very easy to get attached to your favourite armchair or coffee table, but over time your chair or table can break, get scratched or get stained. The good news is that solid wood items can be easily repaired and restored to their original beauty! You can even get it done locally. Plywood furniture can only be repaired if the damage is superficial and your favourite furniture item will have to be replaced if broken or heavily damaged.
  • Reuse and revamp solid wood to your heart’s content. Now, answering your question, if you get bored of your solid wood chair you can cut it and turn it into a planter. Your side table can be made into a mirror frame. Your white distress finish coffee table can be transformed into a deep, rich hue of reddish brown when you decide to refurbish your space and change the color palette. Think of a solid wood item as a crisp white shirt, it is basically a classic that you can use during your lifetime and pass on to your next generations. Even your décor items like clocks, frames, trays, planters, lanterns, lamps, pendant lights etc can be revamped as a fun DIY project or by a professional if you plan on renovating anytime in the future. 
  • Resale value. When you invest in any product you always look at the resale value, right? Solid wood never goes out of fashion. You can sell your solid furniture anytime you want to and you will find buyers for your products whereas the only place you can sell plywood furniture is in your dreams. Engineered wood doesn’t have a good resale value. Though it might seem while buying furniture that resale value is not something that needs to be taken into account but when you look at a product from the perspective of value, solid wood furniture comes right at the top. 

So the next time you are scouting for conversation starters for your newly done living room and are gravitating towards engineered wood furniture because of the price, consider the points above and make a wise decision. You can see a mesmerising collection of solid wood furniture that can be customised here. For more information about solid wood products and how to choose the best ones, please write to me at info@kernigkrafts.com


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