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Don’t you just want to stare at those sumptuous live edge tables with resin as blue as the ocean? There is something bewitching about them, that fixes your gaze on them. To me, the magic lies in the contrast of the raw, rustic, wood with the smooth, colourful resin texture.
BY S.Ag on October 17, 2019

Don’t you just want to stare at those sumptuous live edge tables with resin as blue as the ocean? There is something bewitching about them, that fixes your gaze on them. To me, the magic lies in the contrast of the raw, rustic, wood with the smooth, colourful resin texture. The happy translucency of resin complements the somber grittiness of wood perfectly. It is a match made in heaven! No wonder this is one of the hottest trends of 2019.

Resin Table furniture kernig krafts
Resin and wood Table Top by Kernig Krafts

It makes you wonder what is resin and how are these tables made? How and where can you use them? Is this trend here to stay? Is it affordable? Read on to find everything about this enthralling material! 

What is Resin? 

Resin in simple terms can be defined as a liquid that can be turned into a solid. Basically, it is a synthetic material. A hardener and a colorant are added to resin then this mix is applied/poured over the object. After it hardens, resin is sanded off and finished as desired. For furniture items such as tables and chairs epoxy resin is used. 

Resin table top furniture kernig krafts
Resin being used on a Table Top by Kernig Krafts

Why is Epoxy Resin Furniture so Trendy?

  • The deeper connection.  Being a part of the “expression” generation, we have a solid need to express our choices and desires. We do so by posting what we like and liking what others post on social media. We also do so by creating our space carefully and filling it with objects and products that reflect our personality. Most of us being away from nature try to incorporate it in our homes, offices and businesses as much as we can. A resin filled wooden table is the quintessential example of modern living while being close to nature.
  • Aesthetic appeal.  Resin adds a splash of color to an otherwise dull look. It brings playfulness to a space in a very classy, subtle way, without being too loud. The unfinished, rawness of the organic form is a treat for the eyes. Natural forms are soothing and since resin is usually used with live edges, the product has a free, flowing form. 
rosewood  resin table furniture kernig krafts
Rosewood Resin Table by kernig krafts
  • One of a kind.  There is also the idea of owning something no one else has. The unique look of a resin table is unmatched. It can be used as an accent piece or the entire space can be styled around it! If you are planning to buy a resin dining table, keep the look chic by taking simple chairs in the same wood. The resin color can be used as an accent color in your dining room. 
  • Unlimited designs and options.  Resin can be played around with. Being a liquid, it can be used to make so many designs, The quantity and proportion can also be controlled. You can get any color you want, it can be as translucent as you want. Metallic pigments can also be added to it. The options are pretty much endless. You can even create your own design and get it made!
  • Versatility.  Resin tables can look intimidating to some. The truth is that they are very easy to use. They can be used in offices as desks, dining tables, study tables, they make great coffee tables as well. Those who are not into experimenting can go for a resin coffee table. Use the color elsewhere in your living room, such as a vase, ottomans or even a painting! Offices need not shy away from them either. Resin tables add flair to office spaces effortlessly. To maintain a sincere look keep the rest of the space minimal and fuss free. I would recommend getting a table with a slightly tamed live edge for your office. 
Resin Table Kernig Krafts. solid wood furniture
Use it anywhere! Resin Table by Kernig Krafts

 Is Buying a Resin Table a Good Idea?

  • Super Strong.  Resin is a material with incredible strength. When you buy a resin table, decades later you might get bored of it but it won’t get bored of you! The longevity factor makes them an excellent investment for cafés, hotels, resorts and offices. The protective finishes ensure that they are strong and sturdy. Also, they are extremely easy to clean which makes them an excellent choice for restaurant owners. 
  • Good-looking is always good-looking. They are just so attractive! I know some of you might feel that this is a trend that will not last long, leaving you with a piece of furniture that will be out of trend soon. Personally, I don’t believe in trends. We are living in an age where choosing what you like is trendy. And, this trend is here to stay. Wood and plastic are two materials that are not going out of fashion anytime. They are two basic materials that are always going to be a part of product and interior design. Also, live edges are so exquisite. Exquisite pieces never lose their beauty. Period. 

wood Resin Table Top Kernig Krafts 2019 trends
Resin Table Top by Kernig Krafts
  • Lightweight.  Most of us like to update our homes every now and then and our offices, restaurants or hotels periodically. We often need to rearrange our spaces. Resin tables are relatively lightweight as compared to tables with marble or stone top. If weight is a factor that you are considering, definitely go for resin tables. They are not just stylish they are easy to move as well!
  • Good things don’t come cheap.  Now, lets talk about the elephant in the room. Yes, resin furniture is expensive. It is an exclusive product, mostly custom made for customers according to their requirements. These elegant beauties don’t come cheap. I feel that the qualities resin possesses trumps its cost. The charm & durability make up for the expenditure. You are buying a table that you will use everyday. Shouldn’t it be stunning?

I hope you have enough information with you now to make a decision about getting that resin table you’ve been eyeing! For more information about custom-made resin tables for homes and restaurants (bulk) write to me at

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