Removing The Unwanted in Living Room

Living room is the part of house, where you spend most of the time with your family. In India, the living room is also a drawing room, where they entertain their guests. In this lockdown time due to corona, you can do a makeover of your living room. Drapes that are too much.   The […]
BY S.Ag on April 25, 2020

Living room is the part of house, where you spend most of the time with your family. In India, the living room is also a drawing room, where they entertain their guests. In this lockdown time due to corona, you can do a makeover of your living room.

Drapes that are too much.


curtains - drapes -  room furniture - kernig krafts - bespoke

The drapes with frills and with too much heavy curtain should be removed, until and unless your theme is ‘Archaic’, The heavy curtains are a distraction, that too the in wrong direction. Natural light is very important, the curtain can be in two layer, with one thin, light coloured layer, another thick layer for nighttime darkness for better sleep.


DVD and CD collection

DVD - CD - Living room furniture - Kernig krafts

I’ve seen in many houses, collection of CDs and DVDs showcased. Until and unless they have some emotional or sentimental value, they should not be showcased. CD and DVD are both quite new to be considered as vintage. Pack them in a box, keep them at your storage room.


Bean bags

Bean Bag - Furniture - Kernig Krafts - Home Furniture

There was a time, bean bags were considered the coolest thing. With time they vanished, and they vanished for a reason. Bean bag takes up lot of floor space, and are practically meaning less, as a poll conducted by Kernig Krafts on Instagram, most of the user said they have not their bean bags in last 365 days. One more major problem with the bean bag is the lack of ventilation, due to the lack of ventilation, it becomes very sweaty, even if air-condition is on.


Buddha statue

Buddha statue - Home - Furniture - Kernig KraftsI’ve said this before as well, stop using buddha as a decor item. Had been said so, for sake of full disclosure, I have 3-4 idols of Gautam Buddha in my room, but they are not for decor, I believe in his principles, and I worship the idols as routine.

Keeping a Buddha statue, as decor is disrespect to the people of buddhist faith. A small factor that counts that its been done too many times.


Plastic plants

House Plant - wooden Planter- customised planters - Kernig kraftsThere is no city that is devoid of nurseries, ditch plastic plants; do yourself a favor, invest in some indoor plants. They look real, give good feeling, provide you with oxygen and adds up their care as your routine, which is very very satisfying. There are several blogs on plants, but to save you from trouble, I can name few plats, which in my honest opinion will serve the purpose.

  1. Snake plant AKA Mother In law’s Tongue - my personal favorite and on the top of the list. This is the easiest to grow, maintain. Growth is slow but will also give you lots of off springs, that you can share with your friends.
  2. Pothos AKA Money Plant - Just in case you have never planted a single plant and don’t want to go via the procedure, take a bottle, fill it with water; put the cutting of the plant and forget. Just change the water every 10-12 days. So as there is no root decay.
  3. Lucky Bamboo - Common, you must have seen it lots and lots of time. It comes in a package that is self sufficient, just place it wherever you want. Change the water every 7 days. If you want your plant to grow well,  place it under diffused sunlight once a week.
  4. Piece Lilly AKA Cobra Plant - Most beautiful plant from the list, the flowers are one of my favourite, for the reason that they bloom for very long time. To make the plant bloom you need to place it at a place where it gets ample of natural light.
  5. ZZ Plant - Don't over water this plant. There is no maintaince issue with this plant at all.

I have to write few tips about plants here:

  1. Don't over water indoor plants, don’t water them daily. Only when the soil dries.
  2. Make a drain point below the pot.
  3. Fertilise the Plant once in 6 month.
  4. Not a tip, but all the plants above are known for cleaning the air from harmful chemicals, and proving oxygen in night as well, they are good for health.


Over sized furniture

oversized chair table

Get rid of over sized furniture. Keep your space clutter free, also there should be ample of space to move around. A sofa with too much depth is uncomfortable for guests, since they can’t lean their back. Don’t make your guests leave early because you planned that the sofa can be used a day bed. Our poll on over sized furniture resulted in centre table being top on the list.


Make it clutter free

Ya, I know I couldn’t be anymore generic. But honestly, clutter bring bad energy in the house, living room being the common place, excepts the vibes the most. Keep it simple and manageable.  Work on aesthetics with practicality.



May be Ive seen too many uncluttered houses, or is that with everyone? Keeping moo many magazines in living room looks too shabby. Even if you are an editor, they belong to your work desk, not living room.


Replace out of theme decor pieces

furniture - cafe curniture - chair - customised furniture kernig krafts

There are many furniture pieces which are in your living room just because you owe them. We have OLX now, use it and buy in theme furniture piece. You don’t have to lug an item, just coz you paid for it.


Too many pillows

Pillow Sofa Living Room - Kernig Krafts - Customised Furniture

Too many pillows can make you place look too cluttered. Also, if they don’t any purpose, you can get rid of the extra one.

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