Reclaimed Wood : Future From The Past

A story in itself, reclaimed wood has a character that can be matched by none. With its unique charm and exquisiteness, it takes a piece of history to any place it goes. (Photography by Luis Gallardo. Courtesy of Estudio Atemporal)
BY S.Ag on August 28, 2019

A story in itself, reclaimed wood has a character that can be matched by none. With its unique charm and exquisiteness, it takes a piece of history to any place it goes. Being eco-friendly, it is the preferred choice of wood of many tree lovers and environmentalists. It is also prized for its endurance and toughness. 


What is reclaimed wood?


reclaimed wood kernig krafts repurposed

Reclaimed Timber


Reclaimed wood is green, up-cycled wood that has survived years of wear and tear and has been taken from various sources like warehouses, manufacturing plants, railways, old ships, and more. Mango, Teak, Sal, Maple, Black Sheesham, Pine, Acacia and Razak are common types of reclaimed wood. Based on the purpose and aesthetics required, different kinds of reclaimed wood are used for residential and commercial projects. For example, reclaimed teak wood, often used for making outdoor furniture, is very resilient and resistant to moisture and rot.


 Why use reclaimed wood?

Furniture manufacturers  that specialise in creating custom-made furniture love using reclaimed wood! There are a bunch of reasons why you should buy repurposed wood items.

1. History lovers : Ardent history fans always go for reclaimed wood furniture. Every product created with this wood comes with its own captivating story and looks gracefully aged. Reclaimed wood furniture is popular with those who want exquisite, handcrafted furniture that is soaked in history. When you buy a chair or a sofa made with repurposed wood, you can ask the manufacturer where it was sourced from. So, when you keep it in your house, you will look at it and think of the places it has been! 

2. Little or no maintenance : A big advantage with using reclaimed timber is that it is already weathered and dried. It doesn’t need to be finished, so it doesn’t shrink, warp or bend. It is also very low maintenance in general because it has already gone through a lot and withstood all kinds of weather and physical conditions. 

3. Antique look : This precious, sought-after lumber is recycled in numerous ways by furniture manufacturers to create an unmatched range of products like sideboards, unique coffee tables, dining tables, bedsides, chairs, stools, benches and even décor items like photo frames & wall clocks. Items made from reclaimed wood look like antiques if made in historic style. Antiques are exuberantly priced and only a few can afford them. Reclaimed wood furniture can give you the same look for less! Architects looking to create the quintessential retro look and vintage atmosphere in cafés and bars customarily opt for reclaimed furniture.


reclaimed wood dining tables sun shade roof

Campobaja, Mexico City. Photography by Luis Gallardo. Courtesy of Estudio Atemporal.


4. Tenacity : The grain being denser in reclaimed timber, makes it so much sturdier and more tenacious than fresh wood. Prolonged exposure to hot and cold temperatures means that this wood is less likely to split and rot. 

5. A better tomorrow : Using virgin wood involves felling, transporting and processing trees, which have a massive impact on the environment. Using reclaimed wood reduces this impact every time it is used for a project. It has become a must for sustainable architecture since a dearth of  natural resources has us running towards greener and more eco-friendly options. When you buy a piece made of this timber, you save a tree!

6. You won’t be able to take your eyes off it : Timelessness is a synonym of reclaimed wood as each and every piece made from this timber is one of a kind and there cannot be another one like it. Reclaimed wood has a distinguished aesthetic appeal, that is unparalleled. Whether you choose reclaimed furniture for your apartment or café it will always fetch you compliments. It is also an excellent addition to the interiors of bars and lounges that have a rustic look.

7. Its flaws only add to its beauty : Old wood, as it's often called, has all kinds of compelling characteristics and marks. The rings in reclaimed timber are wider than in new timber and also, it has more knots and other interesting markings. When furniture makers source reclaimed wood and design products using it, they usually try to enhance these marks instead of trying to hide them. The Wabi-Sabi aesthetic of finding beauty in imperfection comes into play here.


africa art wood kernig krafts repurposed

Art made from repurposed timber


8. An old soul : Seasoning is the process of acclimatising the wood so that it retains its shape and texture. Reclaimed wood has seen so many seasons that it’s as wise as your old man and with its acquired wisdom, it remains unaffected by the weather. This is a huge advantage when working with it, as the artisans don't have to worry using a lot of finishes and processes.

Now that you have warmed up to this wood you must be eager to look at a few, unique pieces. Click here to see a special range of furniture made with repurposed wood!

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