Teak Wood: All You Need to Know

Tectona Grandis, commonly known as Teak wood is a highly desirable wood that is prized for its exceptional properties. You must have heard about how incredible this wood is!
BY S.Ag on March 12, 2019

Tectona Grandis, commonly known as Teak wood is a highly desirable wood that is prized for its exceptional properties. You must have heard about how incredible this wood is or you might even have Teak wood furniture in your home or office!

Teak wood swatch kernig krafts
Teak wood swatch

Teak is an expensive wood as compared to other types of wood but it is also one of the few woods that is extremely long lasting. If properly maintained, teak wood furniture can last upto 70 years! 

Teak is a tropical hardwood like Mango wood and is found primarily in South and South-East Asia. India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Northern Thailand are some countries where Teak grows. Nagpur and Central province Teak are two types of Teak wood found in the respective regions of India. 

Find out more information about this wood and why you should buy Teak wood furniture for your home, office or café below.

Characteristics of Teak Wood

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Teak can be of any color ranging from a beautiful, rich golden brown to a classy yellowish white, depending on the species of the wood and what part of the tree it is from. 

The trees are large and quite tall, upto 130 ft in height and take about 40-80 years to mature. The outer layer, known as sapwood is whitish to pale yellow. The core is called heartwood and has golden brown to dark brown color. 

As Teak is a tropical hardwood, its sapwood has high moisture content. The heartwood has dark patches on it sometimes and is harder, stronger, more expensive and more desirable than sapwood.

All trees have natural oils, what makes this wood exceptional is that it maintains its natural oils and rubber even after being cut and processed. The tight, dense grain that Teak has, allows it to retain all the goodness!

The rubber content and the oils present in the lumber give Teak an edge over other woods for furniture making as they make it weather-resistant. It also successfully resists pests and insects, humidity, wind damage and sun damage!

Unlike other types of wood, Teak is not prone to cracking and warping. It does not even splinter. This explains Teak’s exuberant price tag, doesn’t it?

To recognise Teak, it is important to look at its grain which is generally straight. It often has lines of a darker color that run though the wood. You can also determine if it’s teak by smelling it. The high amount of oils in the timber give it a leather like smell. You can pick it up and weigh it in your hand, Teak wood is dense and moderately heavy. 

Why Use Teak Wood

  • Classy and chic. Loved by both interior designers and architects, the warm brown color of Teak, is alluring and complements all spaces and surroundings. Teak wood chairs, stools, tables, sofas etc. can easily be used anywhere, right from homes, apartments and offices to commercial spaces such as cafés, bistros, restaurants, bars and hotels. 
  • Longevity. Who doesn’t dream of building a beautiful house that can be passed on to generations. Furniture made from Teak wood makes for elegant family heirlooms that can be used for decades owing to Teak’s high tensile strength and durability.
  • Water resistant. Being water resistant, Teak is the preferred choice of wood for boat building and for making boat decks and yachts. Steel ships last upto 50 years whereas Teak wood ships can last upto 100 years! Since it is sturdy, has high tensile strength and requires low maintenance it is perfect for this purpose.
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  • Outdoor furniture. Being resistant to water, Teak wood makes excellent outdoor furniture whether it’s for your patio, porch or backyard. Though Teak tables and chairs for your patio will cost you more than furniture made from other types of wood, the benefits of Teak are unparalleled. It is disease resistant because of the natural oils present in the lumber, these oils prevent water from trickling into the wood which means your patio furniture will be safe from wind, heat, cold and rain at all times. The presence of these oils also makes it mosquito repellent, so when you sit outside to enjoy and relax with your friends and family, you won’t be bothered by any unwelcome guests. Also, the look of a handcrafted Teak wood patio set in your garden cannot be matched by any other!
  • Weather proof. It is extensively used in exterior construction because it is weather proof. Teak has natural resistance to rot and decay and it’s dense grain makes it exceptionally strong. 
  • Withstands extreme heat and cold. Teak wood’s ability to withstand extreme heat and cold makes it a lucrative option for furniture making. If you get Teak wood furniture, you won’t have to change it according to the changing seasons. Even if you plan to redo your space after a few years you can keep your Teak furniture and decorate the rest of the space. Teak is also used to make kitchen accessories such as chopping boards, countertops, bowls and spoons because of this advantageous property.
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  • Resistant to timber termite and pests. Teak is naturally resistant to timber termite and pests, so it can be used without oil or varnish. It does not require a lot of treatments like other woods and can be used with little finishing. 
  • Reclaimed. Because of its excellent properties, Teak lasts really long and withstands the effects of weather and time, hence Teak is often available as reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood is green wood, unique and eco-friendly. Its beauty is matchless and it never goes out of fashion. If you use reclaimed teak wood furniture in your café, restaurant, bar or apartment it will surely stand out and fetch you a lot of compliments! 
  • Sustainable production. Teak is an endangered species of wood. Sustainable production of plantation teak is being done since teak forests are being depleted. Plantation teak is grown in dry tropical climates and considered a renewable resource. You can go for plantation Teak as it has the same profitable properties as old-growth trees. 
  • Carving. Since Teak can be carved and turned, it is a furniture maker’s delight. Artisans love working with Teak because it can be easily hand-carved, sawn and cut. It is therefore, often used to make décor objects with intricately carved patterns and designs. 
  • Low maintenance. Teak changes its color on exposure to sunlight from warm honey brown to a chic silver grey which allows you to experience different colours in the same set of furniture. Rotate your furniture for even weathering of the wood. Though the color change looks beautiful and is only cosmetic, if you want to prevent it you can use a finish on your Teak wood furniture. Teak is also quite low maintenance in general. All you need to do to keep it clean is use soap and water and rub it lightly with a soft brush, make sure the furniture is wet when you scrub it. Allow it to dry completely, preferably not in direct sunlight.  
  • Versatile. Teak wood is excellent for making exquisite doors, window frames, indoor flooring and all kinds of furniture items. 
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What all furniture can be made with Teak Wood ?

Teak is versatile and can be used to make anything and everything, but here’s a list of some furniture items that are often made with this wood.


  • End Tables
  • Dining Tables
  • Coffee Tables
  • Side Tables
  • Bar table
  • Office desks
  • Bedside Tables
  • Community Tables
  • Nesting Tables
  • Display Tables

Chairs and Stools

  • Ottomans
  • Bar Chairs
  • Low Height Chairs
  • Dining Chairs
  • Restaurant/Café Chairs
  • Rocking Chairs
  • Baby Chairs
  • Desk Chairs
  • Bar Stools
  • Accent Chairs
  • Outdoor Chairs
  • Wicker Chairs
  • Chaise Lounge


  • Cabinets
  • Cupboards
  • Chest of Drawers
  • Sideboards / Credenza
  • Racks
  • Shelves
  • Display Units / Étagères
  • Wine Cabinets
  • Bookcases


  • Chopping boards
  • Trays
  • Serving Platters
  • Photo Frames
  • Table Lamps
  • Mirror Frames

Beds and headboards, sofas and sectionals, dressers, media consoles etc. there are so many more items that can be made from Teak!

Now that you know the benefits of buying teak, I am sure you will consider buying that handcrafted Teak table, you had your eyes on! To feast your eyes on more Teak wood furniture or for information on how to customise Teak furniture click here!


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