How to Use Sideboards

You might have often heard the word Sideboard or Credenza and wondered what it meant or you probably know what kind of a furniture item it is but are perplexed about using it. Read on to get more information and interesting styling ideas about this extremely useful piece of furniture.
BY S.Ag on March 5, 2019

You might have often heard the word Sideboard or Credenza and wondered what it meant or you probably know what kind of a furniture item it is but are perplexed about using it. 

Read on to get more information and interesting styling ideas about this extremely useful piece of furniture that is an absolute essential in both houses and commercial spaces!

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What are Sideboards

When placed in the dining area and used to store or serve food, sideboards are called Buffets. Buffets were originally used for storing plates, glasses, place mats, table linen and other cutlery items in dining rooms. Now a days sideboards can be found anywhere in the house right from kitchens and living rooms to kids’ rooms.

They are flat-topped and have cupboards and/or drawers. Sideboards can be of any size but they are not made too tall, their height is generally 36 inches or less. They are so versatile, they can be bought or customised to complement any room in your home or apartment. 

The advantage sideboards have over cupboards is that they can be made to look professional for use in commercial spaces as storage units. Hotels, bars, restaurants, cafés, bistros, boutique stores, chain stores and offices, any place can accommodate a sideboard anywhere and anytime. Even if your interiors are completely done or you are looking for some additional storage you can get a sideboard customised to fulfil all your requirements and in the exact same style or theme!

Why You Should Use Them 

Once you start using a sideboard, you cannot go back. Mostly known for their storage capacity, they are multi-purpose and come in plenty of shapes, sizes and designs! 

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  • They offer storage without taking too much space. Sideboards are neat objects that look chic and happily store all our stuff. If your room doesn’t have a lot of space but plenty of objects to store, go for one that is shallow but tall. It will prevent the room from looking cluttered.
  • They add beauty to your space. Sideboards can be custom-made according to the color, material, design, shape and size you want. They can easily be turned into a conversation starter or blended in along with other furniture that you have. For example if your dining room has wooden furniture and needs some sprucing up, you can get a sideboard in the same wood but with a slightly darker or lighter stain than the dining table to accentuate it. Your sideboard could also be the accent piece in your room. Ornamentation techniques like bone inlay, tile work, metal inlay and hand painting etc. are really eye catching and add an artsy touch to the space. To make them stand out avoid using these techniques everywhere in the room and stick to just one sideboard decorated with one of these techniques. You can use the colours on the sideboard elsewhere in the room to make the look cohesive. 
  • Use them to bring attention to your art. The art you hang above them will never go unnoticed. You can even display your paintings on them by keeping them against the wall. Build up the look by adding flowers, plants and other knick knacks that go with the color palette of the artwork. For example, to complement French style interiors, go for a sideboard with Cabriole legs and scalloped carving in cream or off white. Frame your artwork with ornate gold frames to complete the opulent quintessential French look!
  • They make excellent book racks. Modern sideboards can be designed to indulge book lovers. You can customise your sideboard design according to the book space you want. Shelves can be made as a part of the design or you can even place books on the top for easy access!
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  • They can be turned into a mini indoor garden. If you don’t have a garden or want a mini garden in your house use your sideboard for it. Place different kinds of potted plants on the top. You can even hang some baskets on the wall above it. Go for indoor plants that give off oxygen at night as well!
  • Use them to show-off your collection. Most people have hobbies and like collecting something or the other. If you are one of those and are a proud collector of any kind of object, sideboards are perfect for you. Run-off-the-mill display units can be boring, instead opt for a sideboard that will give you the flexibility of choosing what to display and what to store.
  • They can double up as a bar. When you want wine storage but you don’t want to keep an entire cabinet dedicated to it, a sideboard with built in wine storage is the solution! You can conveniently store wine glasses, in the cupboard part. Depending on your choice you can keep it completely closed or partially open.
  • You can use it as a tea/coffee station. Tea or coffee lovers can set up their equipment on the top and store all the things they need for making their favourite beverage inside. This sideboard can be a part of the drawing room near the coffee table, where you can sit and enjoy it hot from the pot
  • It can be used in small offices. For a small office it can be turned into a useful, dainty pantry. There are options available with wheels that can be easily moved around if you want it to multitask and be used as a serving table as well. Like I said, they are very versatile! Place trays, mugs, cups, saucers and spoons inside the cupboard. Sachets and boxes can be organised in plastic boxes and kept in the drawers. You can even keep some cookies and snacks inside it! 
  • They make great TV stands. If you want a sleek media unit, look no further. You can easily use a sideboard in your bedroom as a TV stand. If you feel like getting a new TV console you can move your old sideboard to any other place in your house.
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How to Use Them

Now that you know how useful these beauties are let’s talk about how to place them in different rooms of your apartment or in your boutique, café, store or hotel.

For Houses and Apartments

Sideboards can be used in any part of the house. They can be a part of the kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, pantry and kids’ room. For bedrooms you might want to consider sleeker options whereas living rooms could be furnished with bulkier ones depending on the space. 

For kids’ rooms use them to store their toys, books and even clothes if you lack wardrobe space. Hang their artwork on the wall and use the top of the sideboard to keep a reading lamp and to display their pictures!

In your living room, place a comfortable armchair near the sideboard and opposite the sofa. You can keep books, reading glasses and other things that you need handy when sitting there! Since the coffee table is going to be at a distance keep your mug of tea on the sideboard while reading! Place a cool bluetooth speaker here to listen to your favourite music while lounging in the living room. 

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For Commercial Places

For commercial spaces, sideboards can be used in a variety of ways. Stores can use sideboards both for storage and display purposes. You can also get it made as an accent piece to bring attention to your products. For example, if there is a new collection in your store, you can get an eye catching sideboard made and display them on it. The focus will be entirely on them! 

For cafés and restaurants, sideboards can store dishes and cutlery, display art or decorative items. If your café is decorated in Shabby Chic style, then you can use pretty, whimsical items in distress finish to liven it up! 

Sideboards are indispensable for hotels. Right from reception to restaurant they can be used anywhere! In the reception area use a sleek, stylish sideboard to keep the welcome drinks. Since sideboards are flat topped, guests staying in rooms can keep their luggage on them. For rooms sideboards should be a combination of shelves and cupboards. Since the guests stay temporarily they need more open storage space as compared to closed. 

For offices, as I mentioned earlier, they make great pantries. Executive sideboards are made in such a way that they can accommodate chairs and have enough storage capacity to store your files, stationery and other office products. 

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