How to Spruce Up Your Patio

Lucky are those who have homes, even luckier are those who have homes with patios! After a long day at work or at home with kids, sometimes, all you want to do is sit back and relax with a cup of tea or a glass of wine in a place that is both comfortable and serene.
BY Nandita Gupta on February 28, 2019

Lucky are those who have homes, even luckier are those who have homes with patios! After a long day at work or at home with kids, sometimes, all you want to do is sit back and relax with a cup of tea or a glass of wine in a place that is both comfortable and serene. Green, open spaces are matchless when it comes to this. We spend most of our time indoors in the house or in our offices, so sitting in fresh air and looking at nature is essential for us as it rejuvenates us. 

If you have a patio or a space that could be converted to one, with a little effort you can turn it into a beautiful place that you’ll love sitting in to unwind. Here are some ideas and tips to make your patio a little haven for you and your family, a place that you’ll keep going to, to talk to someone, to meditate, to sit with your favourite beverage or to spend some quality alone time. 

1. Lanterns and Candles

planters decoration patio wooden structure

An easy, effortless way to beautify your patio is by adding soft, romantic lights to the place. Dim lights will create the perfect mood for you to cool off, fragrant candles are soothing and won’t burn a hole in your pocket and you can pick fragrances you like!

Wood or iron lanterns of various sizes but similar shape can be placed on the floor to create an interesting look. If you have any kind of support or a wooden structure in your patio you can hang some gorgeous looking iron pendant lights from it. Metal lanterns with cut-work patterns look super stylish! Wooden lanterns are basic and simple, something you can never go wrong with. You can go for distress finish to add a little texture and make them look chic. 

If you don’t have a wooden structure consider going for lamp posts. Make the posts multi-purpose by hanging baskets of flowers on them on the other side. Having a few lighting options gives you the flexibility to turn on as many lights as you want, depending on your mood!

2. Outdoor Furniture

solid wood outdoor furniture reclaimed
Solid wood outdoor furniture by Kernig Krafts

Choose your patio furniture wisely. Garden furniture should be comfortable, sturdy, easy to move and weatherproof. It might need to be waterproof too if you live in a place that gets frequent showers

You will need chairs or a sofa and a coffee table, you can also add an end table to keep lanterns, candles and other knick knacks on. Furniture should be chosen in accordance with the theme of your house so that your garden/patio looks like an extension of it. For example if your house has been decorated with contemporary theme, you can fix up your patio with a mix of cane and wood furniture, with patterned upholstery in a neutral color palette. 

Wooden furniture, especially mango wood is ideal for the outdoors. Mango wood is a tropical wood hence it is highly water-resistant. It is also strong and sturdy and yet light-weight, making the furniture easy to move around. Reclaimed wood is also ideal for this purpose as it’s quite weather resistant. Reclaimed wood doesn’t warp or fade because it is seasoned and has already stood out there for years. 

If you want no nonsense furniture, that you don’t want to take care of, Metal furniture is the best option for you. Wireframe chairs and classic tolix chairs pair well with wooden coffee tables with rustic finish. The chairs have holes so that any downpour that might happen won’t affect the chairs and just seep through. They are stackable and that’s a huge advantage if you are low on outdoor space. Rustic finish on wood is perfect for garden furniture as the wear and tear doesn’t affect the look at all, instead it keeps it looking interesting. It is a smart idea to go for this kind of outdoor patio furniture as metal, reclaimed and mango wood furniture needs minimum maintenance and will look aesthetically pleasing! 

metal garden furniture

3. Pots and Plants

plants patio yard relax house

There are tons of ways to add greenery to your patio if its not in your garden. Baskets of creepers hung from the roof, potted plants on the outdoor table, ground or end table or even a vertical garden! 

Vertical gardens are a great option to close the space from one side and add visual appeal at the same time. You can also use a wooden panel with iron pot holders or with planters fixed in a pattern. Panels can be made in various designs and sizes! Instead of buying them, go for custom-made ones as it will allow you to design your patio and make it exactly as you imagined it. You can hang some lights on it too! 

To define the area you can place long rectangular planters around it and plant seasonal flowers in them. The greener your patio is, the better you will feel because of all the positive energy will be surrounded with. To create variance and texture, use different kinds of plants on different levels! Try a combination of creepers on a height, small potted plants on the table and flowers in planters on the ground. 

 4. Welcoming Upholstery

beach patio upholstery

The most important thing to keep in mind while choosing upholstery for your garden/outdoor furniture is the weather of the place where you live. Does it rain a lot? Is it hot for most of the year? Do I need it to be toasty the entire year? These are some questions you need to ask yourself before buying your patio chairs and cushions.

To make your nook feel cozy, add big, comfy cushions to the chairs. Keep some extra ones handy so that you can use them to make yourself even more comfortable and warm. You can also place butterfly chairs in your patio. The curved shape is perfect to lounge in and the covers can be changed to suit your mood or weather! Faux fur and hair on leather are perfect to cuddle up in whereas fabrics like leather and canvas are perfect for summers. If you want a bohemian look, try patterned canvas covers on your butterfly chairs with a wooden table and hang paper lanterns from the roof of the gazebo. You can even add a swing if you are feeling adventurous!

An outdoor patio rug will make the place look even more charming. If it’s your garden, you won’t be able to place a rug on the grass, but you can slightly elevate the place with a wooden floor or by using patio slabs. A wonderful way to add color could be by using patterned tiles! Keep in mind that pattern should be on only one of the elements. If you go for patterned tiles on the floor, make sure your upholstery is a solid color. You can play with the upholstery depending on the decoration style and the theme of your interiors. Stick to a colour palette and you won’t go wrong!

 5. Decorative Items

You can further decorate your retreat with some items you love or feel attracted to. When you go on a holiday remember this place and bring a few mementoes back home. Whenever you will sit here these souvenirs will remind you of the good times and instantly put you in a good mood! 

lanters planters kernig krafts bench

All of us have a hobby or feel drawn to some or the other color or motif. Use this intelligently in this space and you will always leave your patio feeling more content and positive. For example, if you are a sea lover, decorate your patio with Nautical theme. A wooden ship wheel, anchor patterned or striped cushion covers, wood or metal sea creatures are some ideas you can use. Throw in some gold accents to lift up the look and make it classy! 

You can also keep the patio decor simple and add decorations on special occasions and festivals. Whether it’s Christmas, new year’s eve, birthdays or anniversaries, brighten up this place with accessories and ornaments whenever you can! When someone enters your house, this will be the first thing they set their eyes on, so it will help make a good first impression on your guests. If you need more decor ideas and styling advice write to us or take a look at our outdoor furniture page here!


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