How To Choose a Furniture Style

Thinking of remodeling your bedroom? Or does you café need a stylish makeover? When planning to refurbish a space, small or big, there are plenty of things to consider!
BY S.Ag on February 22, 2019
community table wooden furniture
Interiors can make or break your look!

Thinking of remodeling your bedroom? Or does you café need a stylish makeover? When planning to refurbish a space, small or big, there are plenty of things to consider!

Selecting one suitable and likeable decoration style from the plethora of interior design themes available, for your home, café, bar, restaurant or even hotel is one of the most important and difficult tasks to deal with. To help you, I have listed some factors that you should weigh in before making that crucial decision.

Factors to Consider Before Selecting a Style

  • Size of  the space.    Big spaces can get away with a lot of decoration styles whereas small spaces stand the chance of looking cluttered and feeling cramped if not furnished thoughtfully. For example, a theme such as Colonial, that includes design elements like carving and ornate patterns will be suited to a large space as compared to a pint-sized one. An intricately carved sideboard placed in a small room will add heaviness to the room and defeat the purpose of making it appear bigger.
  • Choice.    Another aspect to consider while choosing the right decor theme is what you feel comfortable in, if its your house or what you think would work if it’s a commercial space. For houses, it’s a good idea to select a common theme for all the rooms, if you want a slight variation in the interiors of the rooms you can select sub themes within the theme. For a restaurant go for a theme that complements the chosen cuisine. Bar and café interiors can have themes based on currently popular aesthetics such as Industrial, Rustic and Shabby Chic.
  • Budget.    When planning a theme for interior decoration keep in mind the budget you have allocated to it. Themes that require a lot of ornamentation will need a higher budget as compared to simple styles such as Scandinavian. It is advisable to select quality products matching your theme unless you want to remodel your space again in a few years. Solid wood furniture might cost more but will last for generations and add elegance & grace to your space however small it is. 

After considering your space size, choice and budget, the next step is to zero in on a few styles of decoration that you think would work for you. I have listed some trendy and currently popular and also some classic themes here, that will never go out of style! Read about them below.

Most Popular Interior Design Styles for 2019

  • Industrial. One of the most trendy styles right now, Industrial theme is the look created by taking inspiration from warehouses and factories. Mostly suited to bigger spaces this style includes elements such as high ceilings, concrete floors, exposed bricks, beams and ducts, metal fixtures and simple yet striking pendant lights. Think simple, raw, unfinished yet chic. An amalgamation of wood and metal, this look is airy, utilitarian and super stylish. A chesterfield sofa, wooden coffee table with metal legs and black powder coated lights form the quintessential industrial look.
table chair cafe industrial
Industrial café design
  • Scandinavian. Lightly finished wood that shows its natural form, neutral & monochromatic colour palette with white as the predominant colour, simple textures and sculptural shapes, sums up what the Scandinavian look is all about. Inspired by Nordic aesthetics (no prizes for guessing that), this style is extremely popular for both apartments and no-nonsense coffee shops that want to offer their customers comfortable, cozy interiors along with amazing coffee. A desk with round wooden legs, lights in a bright accent colour, fur pillows or rug and chairs in light coloured wood with white painted metal describes the perfect Scandinavian look!
scandinavian interiors natural wood white
Scandinavian interiors
  • Mid-century Modern. This is a modern take on the interior design style that was prevalent in 1950s and 60s. Mid century modern is defined by characteristics such as clean, simple lines, organic furniture shapes, graphic patterns and functional pieces that combine contrasting materials. Vintage furniture also goes well with this look! Since this style requires pieces with expert craftsmanship, the best way to create this look is by using bespoke furniture because there’s a fine line between making this style appear dated and stylish.
Mid century modern chair
Mid-century modern chair
  • Rustic. As the name suggests rustic theme is basically a raw, natural look. Unfinished yet aesthetically appealing, this look is really popular with cafés and restaurants. Dress up or dress down, a versatile theme that can be moulded to suit any space. Rustic style includes wooden flooring, exposed wooden beams, minimal finishing on wood and metal, reclaimed and sleeper wood chairs and storage units, live edge tables and natural fabric or leather upholstery. This look can be easily adapted to adorn both commercial and residential spaces!
rustic bar interiors
A bar with Rustic theme
  • Contemporary. Contemporary architecture and interior design has a clean, minimal and uncluttered appearance. It lacks the pretence of ornamentation and is still not bare minimum like Modern interior design style. The focus with this theme is on space as a whole and not on singular elements. When decorating in this style I’d recommend going for a neutral color palette and adding color through bold upholstery or even a bright wall! The advantage with this style is that all sizes and budgets can incorporate this theme. Subtle textures elevate this look, use various textures in the same color to keep it classy. A low height wooden bed, stone and wood coffee table, sleek desk with rounded legs and chairs with a fluid organic shape, describes the ideal contemporary bedroom. A splash of color on one of the walls is all you need to turn it into perfection. My pick is Teal!
contemporary interior design leather chairs
Leather chairs in a contemporary setting
  • Shabby Chic. The shabby chic look is created by using vintage, whimsical pieces with mostly distress finish so that they look worn out. Soft and romantic, if you go for this theme you can furnish your café or bakery with furniture items such as pastel coloured, distress finish sideboard with opulent hand carving, rattan and wood chairs with curved legs, ottomans upholstered with floral or striped fabric, knick-knacks such as carved photo frames. To make this style look pulled together instead of actually “shabby” stick to the color palette you have created for your interiors, as it will create cohesion in the look. The most tempting part of decorating with this style is that you can add a lot of accent furniture such as small carts, wooden animals, engraved wall decoration etc. to complement your space and make it really playful! 
shabby chic colonial interiors
Shabby Chic theme
  • Classic. This design style is the safest amongst all because it will never go out of fashion. If you are unsure about selecting a trendy decoration theme, go for classic design. Dark wooden floor, beading on doors, English roll arm or tufted sofa, chairs upholstered with navy or green velvet, dark stained coffee table, hanging chandeliers and gold accents are elements you can never go wrong with! With a little ornamentation and plush upholstery this look can be easily upgraded to luxury classic, the ideal look for both hotel interiors and apartments.
classic theme interiors kernig krafts
Classic themed café

You are all set once you decide which style is perfect for your new place, now all you have to do is select the right furniture! 

For themes it is always a good idea to get customised furniture made instead of scouting for single pieces that might make your space look scattered. Getting furniture made will ensure that your theme is beautifully reflected in your brand new café, bar or restaurant as everything will be exactly how you want it to be. For more information about bespoke furniture or how to select furniture for your chosen theme click here!


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