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I always thought that design trends were tricky. I never really understood the purpose of having trends for interiors because let's face it, no-one is going to revamp their home or café every year! But, after years of being in the furniture industry I have developed admiration for interior design trends. I’ll tell you why.
BY S.Ag on October 30, 2021

I always thought that design trends were tricky. I never really understood the purpose of having trends for interiors and spaces, because let's face it, no-one is going to revamp their home or café every year! But, after years of being in the furniture industry I have developed both affection and admiration for interior design trends. I’ll tell you why. 

Interior trends are always connected to the socio-economic state of the world. Our current state of mind and its connection to world events is assessed and that information is used to help us overcome problems that we might face next year or in the consecutive years. Sounds complicated? In simple words, trends help us make our lives more comfortable and better both aesthetically and functionally. They are mostly add-ons to the trends of the past year with slight variations. 

After analysis of the 2022 design trends, I have narrowed down some of my favourites for you with quick tips on how you can apply these to your apartment, coffee shop or restaurant without breaking the bank. If you are creating something new then you can mix in some of these with classic pieces and you’re good to go!

green furniture trends 2022 wood metal gold sustainable design interiors
Green is in!

  • Multi-functional furniture and spaces : Raise your hand if you agree that 2021 was a fairly difficult year for all of us. I am sure most of you were apprehensive about making the transition from working at home to going to actual offices. While working at home some of you redecorated your spaces and some created new spaces all together where the family could lounge about or where you managed to get your privacy. These multi-functional spaces gave birth to the versatile furniture trend. The coming season would be all about using creative ways to divide your space. Interesting room dividers that double up as racks or display stations, think convertible furniture pieces and spaces, both. Sofas that can be made into beds, coffee tables with storage, side tables that can be stowed away from the living room to the bedroom as per convenience. Using furniture that is smaller and lighter, but functional and pragmatic is the key to nailing this trend. 
  • Bare minimum : “Clutter free spaces lead to clutter free minds.” How often have you heard this? When our surroundings are neat, our minds stay focused and clear. Another trend that blew up during the pandemic, minimalist spaces were often preferred by people as they required less maintenance. Fuss free spaces where your beautiful furniture can take the spotlight. Clean, simple designs, solid wood tables, comfy chairs, basically furniture that works for you!
kernig krafts wishbone chair 2022 trends interiors design
Black accents and minimal interiors - 2022 approved!
  • Elegant curves : 2022 will see more softer silhouettes, sofas and chairs with rounded edges, organic shapes rather than sharp lines and edges. There will be a shift towards soothing pieces that help you relax. It's time to let go of all the pandemic anxiety! The focus here will be on armchairs that you can lounge in, loveseats, cushy chairs all with slight or heavy curves. I would suggest that you go for subtle shapes instead of overtly curvy ones so that your furniture is timeless and does not look outdated after a few years.
curvy furniture kernig krafts 2022 trends interiors design
Favour soft curves as they never go out of fashion
  • Natural materials & neutral colors :  Materials like solid wood, rattan, jute, cane would be preferred for furniture as compared to synthetic or man made materials. The warmth that natural materials have makes you feel cosier and closer to nature. An easy and pocket friendly way to try this trend by using cotton and linen textured pillow covers, throws and curtains. Neutral colors like taupe, ecru, off white, cream, beige, white, black, grey are in. Muted tones never go out of fashion and are easy to experiment with. If you like a bit of color then you can go for ochre, tan, terracotta, blush pink, salmon and olive green. It’s best to create a mood board with your chosen colors and fabrics before going ahead to get an idea of the look you want. 
kernig krafts rattan wicker furniture 2022 trends interiors design
Rattan furniture is all the rage & should be!
  • Sustainability : A trend that I absolutely love! The best thing you can do for your future is to reduce your carbon footprint as much as you can. When it comes to furniture you can go for reclaimed wood or acacia wood, both are sustainable woods that require minimal finishing and look stunning when made into products like chairs, tables, bar stools and sideboards. Upcycled furniture is also a great way to make your space come alive and do your bit for the environment. Wicker furniture is extremely popular and bamboo that is often used to create rattan is another much loved eco friendly material. Mango wood is another sustainable wood choice and is the perfect wood for hand-carving.  A lot of furniture manufacturers in India use only ethically sourced wood for their products like Kernig Krafts, based in Jodhpur.                                                                                                          
upcycled furniture kernig krafts table automobile eco friendly trends 2022
Upcycled furniture by Kernig Krafts, India
  • Colour me green : Another nature inspired trend that is going to be huge in 2022 is soothing greens in the form of paint, furniture upholstery, curtains, carpets, you get the drift right? Whether you like forest green, olive, sage, emerald or sap green, this trend has something for everyone. Greens are so relaxing to look at! My favourite way to add green to a bar, café, home or bistro is by keeping indoor plants in the space. These plants will purify the air and will make all your customers or family members feel more lively and energised. Some people even believe that Snake plants get rid of of all the negative energy in the surroundings.
kernig krafts green soothing furniture 2022 trends interiors design
2022 is all about soothing greens and curvy furniture!
  • Black accents : Break the monotony of your interiors with black accents. A pair of black lounge chairs, or a couple of black bar stools, will add so much interest to your place! Dining chairs, a sideboard or even a side table could amp up the look several notches. If you don’t want anything too fancy then a simple black stain on wood will still look enigmatic.
bar stools furniture black accent kernig krafts India
Black upholstered stools look enigmatic and add contrast
  • Longevity : In 2022 the focus will be on durable and sturdy furniture. Long lasting pieces that stand the test of time and can be passed on to generations. I'd suggest that you invest in some solid wood pieces, coffee table made of mango wood, rosewood chairs, teak wood panels and reclaimed wood dining table. Metal and marble are also good options. Try furniture that is a combination of metal and wood if you don’t want an all wood look. 
  • Pattern Play : Retro patterns are making a huge comeback next season. Polka dots and stripes are playful and add a fun element to interiors. If you don’t want a very defined pattern then you can go for irregular dots. This trend can be adapted to patterned tiles if jazzy upholstery is not your cup of tea. Striped cushions, throws, rugs, wallpapers, chequered floors, get the hint? Black and white can be too jarring for these patterns and won't go with all kinds of interior styles. You can go for sorbet colors like lilac, pale yellow, peach and pale pink to avoid high contrast and if you don't want to draw too much attention to the pattern.
kernig krafts retro stripes dots 2022 trends interiors design
Subtle stripes!

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