Furniture Design Trends: 2019

The beauty of interior design trends is that it has something for everyone. Delicious color combinations, textures and design schemes are a visual treat.
BY S.Ag on January 18, 2019
English roll arm sofa & coffee table

The beauty of interior design trends is that it has something for everyone. Delicious color combinations, textures and design schemes are a visual treat and offer plenty of inspiration for your next project, whether commercial or personal. 

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If you are a design enthusiast redoing your home,  yearly trends can be unrealistic and difficult to incorporate. The focus here should be on making small changes based on the trends that compliment your taste and abode. Changing the cushions, curtains and upholstery fabrics are ways in which you can revamp your space without breaking the bank. For redoing commercial spaces it is advisable to stick to trends that work within the theme of the café or restaurant.  

The year of Terracotta

terracotta warm colours wooden sideboard

Serene green, velvet, monochrome and terracotta are some design trends that ruled autumn winter 2018. A few of these successfully move forward into 2019. Terracotta continues to make its mark in the new year with the addition of other warm and earthy colours such as sienna, tan and rust. Matte black is another trend that is popular this season, while black in large quantities can be intimidating for some, it can easily be added to any interior design colour palette as an accent colour. Black with gold accents, adds drama and glamour, and is another trend to watch out for.

Café Interiors

leather armchair iron & wood cafe

When it comes to café furniture trends there is an emphasis on comfort and coziness. Metal and wood furniture with slightly curved angles, soft upholstery fabrics such as suede and velvet are in this season. Think curvy lines and rounded edges. Using chairs upholstered in lush velvet is a great way to add a touch of luxury to a café with otherwise simple interiors.  

reclaimed wood table recycled modern sofa

Spotlight: Rattan Wicker

Founders of Kernig Krafts, a furniture manufacturing outfit based in Jodhpur, point out another design trend that is steadily gaining popularity; handcrafted furniture made with recycled, eco-friendly material. Combining vintage/reclaimed with new, in innovative ways to create products that are both sustainable and aesthetically pleasing is one of the hottest trends of 2019.

Furniture made out of Rattan and cane is also going to be big this season. Updated versions of this retro style are not restricted to patios/outdoors anymore. Chic & sleek, rattan wicker chairs are now finding their way into homes, cafes, bars and restaurants.

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