Strong. Sturdy. Furniture.


Preetham Puneeth

Kanadda Film Actor. "Kernig Krafts is house of innovation and result of passion for work and commitment. They understand requirement of customer and deliver precisely."

Ayush Bharadwaj

Partner, AADP Studio. "What I like about working with them is that they update you from starting to the end. They have a good understanding of space and design and that makes it easy to communicate with them."

Bhringraj Hazarika

Architect. "I go to them repeatedly for my projects. My work often demands the need for customisation. And I only trust them because they know their craft well."

Julia Mantrova

Amsterdam. "Visited their facility, they have very huge collection. Was happy to know that they do bespoke furniture."

Gyanjyoti Bhutoria

Gyan’s Couture. "I visit their factory every few months to buy furniture for my store. They are so updated with trends. They have lovely décor items as well!"

Palak Goyal

Designer. "They are the most understanding of all I work with. I trouble them a lot with my color and design specifications but they respond well."

Enayat Safi

Restaurant Owner, Denmark. "My love for gastronomy and their love for making furniture helped me in making my first restaurant, a dhaba themed place in Copenhagen, Denmark. The customised furniture items they made, turned out exactly how I visualised them."

Vishal Jalani

Brown Sugar, Jaipur. "They have added grace to my brand. Brown Sugar is known for good ambiance and cake, a part of which is brought by Kernig Krafts."

Dharmil Thackar

Dedication with perfection. We are highly satisfied with the quality of the company.

Arun Prabhat

Right Furniture for all, best quality with best after sales. Kernig Krafts is the company to rely on. I have sensed the passion for work in them, surely will achieve lots of milestones.

Ahmed Abdulla Almutawa

Very-customer friendly gesture. Bespoke furniture at most premium quality and response time from Kernig Krafts. It was pleasure getting associated with the company.

Akshay Jain

Elegance of Indian design with modern concepts. Kernig Krafts will be in my home, forever.