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Kernig Krafts, Now buy wooden furniture online in Chennai

 There are companies which sell high end wooden furniture, some companies sell low prices budget furniture. Kernig Krafts is the answer to the question, where you can buy all type of  furniture online. If you want a specific type of wooden chair or a specific sofa set; you can buy furniture online in Chennai from Kernig Krafts, they manufacture bespoke furniture, which is also known as customised furniture. They have wide choices of fabric, leather and leatherette, powder coat options beside that they accept any design you want that is made in wood and iron.  Practically the designs are unlimited at kernig krafts, you have power and control over inputs.

Buying furniture online is easy and convenient from kernig krafts, also a good choice as it saves your effort with being one stop solution and better planning at factory prices. For buying furniture   in Chennai, now you don’t have to loose your time and sweat in the furniture market in Chennai and see the limited options available after spending hours on foot. Also, now don’t hire  a  carpenter and make him sit at your home. Kernig krafts will handle your queries and revert in no time, with lots of options to match your requirements. Kernig Krafts will provide best deals in furniture in Chennai.

Restaurant Furniture in Chennai

 550 restaurant and cafe project experience, with a team of people including interior designers, 3D artists, sales team, hand carving artisans, rattan work artisans etc; kernig krafts leave no stone unturned. In case of any query on cafe furniture in Chennai or restaurant in Chennai; kernig kraft’s dedicated team for bulk will be in touch. Bulk orders are taken at with rigorous panning and on    top priority. Since the hospitality industry leaves less time to finish the work, also rentals are high and they have target dates to launch; we take special care for delivering restaurant furniture or   any bulk furniture in Chennai. Where dimensions of furniture are as per the CAD drawing provided, where the designs are not provided we make sure that we follow the design as closely  as possible. Timely updates are given on WhatsApp group, so as to be on same page; queries are sent in case of any lack of information. The process of complete transparency is followed and is main reason why Kernig Krafts has completed over 550 restaurant and cafe projects in India and over seas.

Wooden restaurant chairs, iron cafe chairs, outdoor chairs, bar chair, bar stool, tolix chairs, cafe chairs, comfortable chairs, straight back chairs, running feet sofas, c shape sofa you can name it  all type of furniture can be done and delivered in no time. In tables as well,  folding tables, stackable tables, known down tables, cast iron tables, wooden table, candle stand tables, kernig krafts has a lot to offer.

Home Furniture in Chennai

 House in Chennai? Kernig Krafts will turn it into a home. Buying furniture from kernig krafts is    easy and good for the style, because while buying furniture for your house from kernig krafts, you can select the wood, also the color/finish on wood. This is a major advantage, as when you buy furniture online in Chennai from different e commerce websites, you will get few choices, mostly in rosewood or Shesham wood with limited 2-3 type of finishes only.  You  have a chance to stand  out, by opting Kernig krafts for custom furniture in Chennai or wooden furniture in Chennai.

You also have a dedicated 3D design team at kernig krafts, at minimum cost, you can get a 3D room view with your furniture piece in it for you to imagine. Online furniture in Chennai won’t give you freedom of designs, finish; forget getting options.

All your requirement of sofa set, home office table, sideboard, side console, bed, bedside also known as night stand, dining chair,  dining set, balcony chairs, everything that is wood or metal   can be sourced from Kernig Krafts. With the Covid-19 or as known as Chinese virus, work from home culture will increase; you can have a :

  • Wooden office table with drawers, where you can work without interruption and with concentration, make to order as per your design choice and size to fit your need. You can opt  for a folding table which you can move around, if you get easily bored at a
  • small pantry unit, made as per your need. Those who live alone and eat from tomato or twiggy can have a small pantry unit in their
  • If you need a cozy corner sofa to read books, where you want to snuggle. A sofa cum bed which can convert into a cosy space in no


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