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Why You Need Wooden Swing For Home

Swings are a charming addition to any home, providing not only entertainment for children but also relaxation for adults. If you're looking for a swing for your home, consider a Kernig Krafts wooden swing, made from high-quality acacia wood or rosewood in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

Acacia wood: All you need to know

Acacia wood is an extremely sought after hardwood, used not only for making furniture items but also for a variety of kitchenware such as serving platters, chopping boards etc.

All About Rosewood

Deep, saturated browns in delicious red tones, distinctive dark streaks and a sweet, sweet, rose like smell. These characteristics pretty much describe a very attractive wood specie known as rosewood.

Resin Furniture

Don’t you just want to stare at those sumptuous live edge tables with resin as blue as the ocean? There is something bewitching about them, that fixes your gaze on them. To me, the magic lies in the contrast of the raw, rustic, wood with the smooth, colourful resin texture.

How to Use Sideboards

You might have often heard the word Sideboard or Credenza and wondered what it meant or you probably know what kind of a furniture item it is but are perplexed about using it. Read on to get more information and interesting styling ideas about this extremely useful piece of furniture.

Mango Wood: All You Need To Know

Strong and sturdy, Mango wood is found mostly in India and is used to create a wide range of furniture. Chairs, bar stools, benches, sideboards, cabinets, closets, dining room tables, dressers, desks etc. anything and everything can be made from it.