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Trending Automobile Furniture

Your old vehicle is always associated with lots of precious memories. Up cycle furniture adds old school memories and quirky look to your ambiance.

Wallpaper on ceiling? Is it the new trend?

We focus on accent wall, go on and on for how the flooring should look or feel, thanks to pergo for making wooden feel tiles we could have a nice insulation at good cost. Ceiling is the most neglected part of the room, all we have is plain white color or plaster of paris designs. […]

Small Changes for Big Result

A home is a place where we go everyday, and we prefer going to places that make us feel the same way, cozy and comfortable. Having said that, a home should evolve on a daily basis. You can do so by making small but significant changes that suit your personality. You don’t need to make […]

Tips For Hiring An Interior Designer

We have one home to make. It's better to get to know a few things instead of thinking later that it could have been done in a better way.