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Rustic theme: Why it’s best for your interiors

Warm neutral colours, soft furnishings and naturally finished wood are some intrinsic characteristics of rustic decor. These physical attributes together create a raw, fuss free and organic environment that makes us feel closer to nature.

Wallpaper on ceiling? Is it the new trend?

We focus on accent wall, go on and on for how the flooring should look or feel, thanks to pergo for making wooden feel tiles we could have a nice insulation at good cost. Ceiling is the most neglected part of the room, all we have is plain white color or plaster of paris designs. […]

Tips For Hiring An Interior Designer

We have one home to make. It's better to get to know a few things instead of thinking later that it could have been done in a better way.

How To Choose a Furniture Style

Thinking of remodeling your bedroom? Or does you café need a stylish makeover? When planning to refurbish a space, small or big, there are plenty of things to consider!