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How to Select Furniture for a Café

Take a moment and think of your favourite café. What memories does it bring? Cozy, comfortable seating, a beautiful view, mouth watering food and good company. Cafés are magical places and to own one would be a dream come true for anyone!

Michael Thonet: Mr. Bentwood

Born on 2nd July 1796, Michael Thonet was a cabinet maker of German-Austrian origin, who began his studio in 1819. A furniture design pioneer, he will always be celebrated worldwide for creating the classic and timeless, bentwood chair. Photo by Frederik Vercruysse.

Rattan Furniture : A Bridge to the Past

What draws me towards Rattan products such as sofas, chairs, buffets, tables, basically anything made with rattan, is their unmatched elegance and their unique handcrafted quality.

Mango Wood: All You Need To Know

Strong and sturdy, Mango wood is found mostly in India and is used to create a wide range of furniture. Chairs, bar stools, benches, sideboards, cabinets, closets, dining room tables, dressers, desks etc. anything and everything can be made from it.