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Home Decor Trends in short

Home decor trends that are in right now, including furniture. Very brief nswers to questions like, what color, what type of sofa are trending? Since 2020 has been cancelled, its safe to say that its the trend list of 2021.

Removing The Unwanted in Living Room

Living room is the part of house, where you spend most of the time with your family. In India, the living room is also a drawing room, where they entertain their guests. In this lockdown time due to corona, you can do a makeover of your living room. Drapes that are too much.   The […]

Why Buy Customised Furniture?

Why and when a customised furniture piece should be opted over a ready made one? In this article we will try to guide you the pros and cons of customised furniture, which is also known as bespoke furniture.