Make my Space with Kernig Krafts

How to Use Sideboards

You might have often heard the word Sideboard or Credenza and wondered what it meant or you probably know what kind of a furniture item it is but are perplexed about using it. Read on to get more information and interesting styling ideas about this extremely useful piece of furniture.

How to Spruce Up Your Patio

Lucky are those who have homes, even luckier are those who have homes with patios! After a long day at work or at home with kids, sometimes, all you want to do is sit back and relax with a cup of tea or a glass of wine in a place that is both comfortable and serene.

How To Choose a Furniture Style

Thinking of remodeling your bedroom? Or does you café need a stylish makeover? When planning to refurbish a space, small or big, there are plenty of things to consider!

Mango Wood: All You Need To Know

Strong and sturdy, Mango wood is found mostly in India and is used to create a wide range of furniture. Chairs, bar stools, benches, sideboards, cabinets, closets, dining room tables, dressers, desks etc. anything and everything can be made from it.

10 Inspiring Theme Based Cafés

Brimming with conversations and steeped with the smell of freshly brewed coffee, café visits are a must to get to know the true vibe of a city.

Upholstery Trends for 2019

Color and upholstery trends for this year are an acknowledgement of the universal need for revelry and relaxation. At this time, when everyone wants to be cocooned in warmth and safety, plush fabrics that offer comfort and coziness are popular.

Xavier Pauchard: A treat called Tolix

If you are sitting in a chic café or bistro on a picturesque cobbled street, chances are that you are seated on a Tolix. Do you ever wonder what makes a product go down in history as a cult favourite?

Furniture Design Trends: 2019

The beauty of interior design trends is that it has something for everyone. Delicious color combinations, textures and design schemes are a visual treat.

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