2021 : What to Buy for your Home

It’s been almost a year of the pandemic, some of us are getting used to the new life but I feel that a large part of the population is still struggling to come to terms with it. That makes me wonder, what can we do to improve our life at home?
BY S.Ag on January 9, 2021

It’s been almost a year of the pandemic, some of us are getting used to the new life but I feel that a large part of the population is still struggling to come to terms with it. Staying indoors, not being able to socialise, night curfews and lockdowns are all taking a toll on our mental and physical well being. Heck, even the introverts are getting restless now!

That makes me wonder, what can we do to improve our life at home? How can we invest our money wisely, to buy things that will not only improve the quality of our life but will also turn out to be good long term investments. Here’s a round up of all the wonderful stuff that you can purchase this year to make your home prettier and cosier. 

  • But first, declutter - Before you get excited and add a bunch of things to your shopping cart, consider decluttering your house. Trust me, taking out stuff you don’t need will make you feel really really good. It will also make room for your new décor and furniture items. The easiest way to do this is to get rid of anything you haven’t used in the last two years or use the KonMari method and donate things that don’t spark joy in you. The basic idea is to donate those things that don't make your eyes sparkle.
  • Art makes everything better - Invest in a few artworks to beautify your home. You can select a medium you like or you can select art pieces according to your preferred color palette. I’d suggest that you choose bold and bright colors. Accent colors make spaces look interesting without making them look too colorful. Watercolours, oils, acrylic, florals, abstracts, architecture, portraits, there are so many options available online. If you are not too sure then go for abstract art. Abstract art goes with all decoration styles. A large piece makes a bold statement and adds richness to the decor. But if large paintings intimidate you, you can hang 2-3 same size paintings. If you want custom pieces, talk to friends and family and you will definitely find someone who does that. Hanging some eye catching art will not just brighten up your place it will brighten up your mood too!
abstract art painting living room pandemic home furniture
You can't go wrong with Abstract Art!
  • Bathroom Vanity - A vanity is an excellent way to update your bathroom without breaking the bank. We often ignore our bathrooms but they definitely deserve better, the place where we take long baths to relax and do some of our daily thinking. A lot of us have been spending more time in our bathrooms since we have been working from home. A tiny change can give it a new look. Vanities come in all shapes and sizes and you can definitely order one if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for. Bone inlay vanities look exquisite and can make your bathroom appear luxurious. Make sure you have the right amount of storage, neither too much nor too little. Also, select a size that is compatible with your bathroom size. If that is the only storage in your bathroom then you can go for a medium or large sized one. It could also be an accent piece, go for jewel tones for a pop of color. Teal blue, forest green, powder blue, mint green and baby pink are some lovely color options. 
bone inlay vanity bathroom kernig krafts furniture
Bone inlay vanity / washstand
  • Storage Pieces - Accent cabinets, wine racks, console tables, étagères, bar cabinets, coffee bars, storage benches and sleek sideboards - get any one of these and bang, your space instantly looks better. Since storage cabinets serve a purpose, they won’t just sit there in your living room, looking pretty. You can organise your bedroom or living room by adding an accent cabinet, even a small one will make a big difference in the interiors. There are many kinds of ornamentation techniques that can be used on a storage cabinet. Some of them are metal inlay, bone inlay, stencilled motifs, wood inlay, hand painting, these techniques are an easy breezy way to bring a touch of class and sophistication to your room. 
  • Chandeliers - Make your dinners at home magical by replacing your boring ceiling lights with a chic chandelier. The right chandelier will make you feel like you are having your everyday meals at your favourite restaurant! For a contemporary look you can go for a geometric or wooden chandelier. Copper or antique gold chandeliers also look really striking and elegant. If you are feeling adventurous, you can buy a bold design instead of a simple one and it will make your living/dining room come alive.
contemporary chandelier design kernig krafts
Contemporary chandelier design
gold chandelier for dining room kernig krafts
Gold chandelier for dining room
  • Desk & Office Chair - Do this and your back will thank you! Get a comfy office chair and a well designed desk to turn work into play. Organise your desk with a desk organiser, make sure it has drawers and it matches your height when you sit. For these reasons, I would recommend you to get a custom made one. Since you will be spending a lot of time working on this desk, choose s design you really like and enjoy. Wooden ones are the best as they are strong, sturdy and can be customised easily. You can also go for painted ones but I personally feel that the natural warmth and beauty of wood should not be hidden with paint. Avoid buying plywood furniture as it’s not durable and has no resale value. Also, it’s not a good choice for humid places as cloudy weather can make it warp or swell. 
Acacia wood Desk by Kernig Krafts
  • Planters - Decorate your home with indoor and outdoor plants. Indoor plants help you with concentration so you can even keep one pot on your desk. Indoor plants are basically air purifiers and filter out nasty chemicals like benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, and toluene. For a simple yet stylish look go for wooden planters and to switch things up try brass or gold ones. This is a very effortless way to add color to your surroundings and it is good for the environment and for you!
  • Dining / Living Room Furniture - Other great buys can be a live edge dining table, a new couch or dining chairs. A compelling dining table can take your space from dull to delightful. Live edge tables are so hot right now. These tables have such a gorgeous, organic look, they are excellent conversation starters, they have such a cozy feel and they can look both rustic and opulent depending on the finish and design. For dining chairs go for velvet upholstery as it makes the item look rich. You can choose the design according to the size of your room. Dining chairs can either be bulky or sleek according to your space. If you plan to buy a couch then definitely go for leather upholstery. Leather sofas look swanky and they are timeless. If you have enough space then buy the classic chesterfield, if not, there are plenty of simple designs to choose from. 
  • Patio Furniture - So many of us are spending time in our patios, gardens and balconies these days. Just one set of comfortable & easy to maintain, table and chairs and you’re good to go. Buy one that can be easily moved and make sure it is made of a weather proof material like metal. Kernig Krafts’ spring chairs come in so many shapes and sizes and can be the perfect addition your balconies or patios. They can also be customised according to the height and color you want. 
kernig krafts patio chair spring comfortable metal
Comfortable Patio chairs by Kernig Krafts

I hope you liked the ideas here and incorporating these will help you feel happier and more comfortable at home! Please write to me at info@kernigkrafts.com for more information about the products.

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